How Do I Manage British Airways Booking Online?

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Streamline your journey with British Airways manage booking. Effortlessly modify reservations, select seats, and enhance your travel experience seamlessly.



British Airways is one of the popular choices for flights to and from the UK. As one of the largest airlines in the world, it offers flights to hundreds of destinations. If you have booked a British Airways flight online, you may need to make some changes or Airways Manage Booking your booking later on. Here are some tips on how to do so easily through the airline's website or mobile app.

Checking Your Booking Details

The first thing is to check the details of your existing booking such as the flight dates, timings, booked cabin class, passengers details and so on. Manage British Airways Booking visit the website and click on Manage My Booking. You will need to enter your last name and booking reference to access your itinerary. Review your flight reservation details to determine if any changes need to be made.

Changing Your Flight

If you need to make a flight date or time change, reselect from available flight options on the website under Change Flight. An additional fee may apply depending on the type of ticket booked. You can complete the flight change online by making payment if required. The changed e-ticket will be emailed to you instantly.

Upgrading Your Cabin Class

To upgrade from economy to business or first class after booking, click on Upgrade Flight. Select the flight and cabin type you want to upgrade to and make payment online to confirm the upgrade. The modified booking will reflect the new cabin class and an updated e-ticket will be sent to you.

Adding Baggage Allowance

If you did not add check-in baggage at the time of booking, you can pay to add it to your booking later on. Use the "Add Bags" option and select your outbound and inbound flights. Choose the number and weight of bags per passenger as per your needs. Make the payment to add them to your itinerary. An email confirming the added baggage allowance will be received.

Entering APIS Passenger Information

British Airways requires you to provide Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) data including passport details, address and contact information before traveling. This information should auto populate when you enter passenger details at booking. You can update or change APIS details if required under the "Passport and Visa Information" section.

Changing Your Seat

Although seats are automatically allocated at check-in, you can choose and change your preferred seat after booking through the Select Seat option. Click on the flight and enter passenger details to view the seat map. Choose any available seat as per your preference. The updated seat reservations will show in your booking.


Managing your British Airways flight booking online is quite simple through the airline's website. You can easily review reservation details, change flights, upgrade cabins, add baggage allowance, update APIS information and select seats after booking. Using the online management system saves significant time compared to calling the customer care. Following these handy tips will ensure your booking is updated effortlessly as needed.