Number one fan girl

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Qiao Yue once turned over all the microblogs on the "Bloom Little Guy" account, and when he turned over the two connected microblogs, he was somewhat dumbfounded.

Qiao Yue once turned over all the microblogs on the "Bloom Little Guy" account, and when he turned over the two connected microblogs, he was somewhat dumbfounded. Although that Weibo has been a long time ago, but Qiao Yue vaguely remember that incident, at that time, he and the face cat double row, just to the three unknown small team of professional players. The tricycle chose Soldier 76, Anna and DVA respectively, while the face cat made up for the sledgehammer that he was not good at, and he took the monk. That Anna is really too domineering, in the voice of the team kept pointing out the country, not to mention how this person Anna played, but the skill of throwing the pot is first-class. Maybe some professional players naturally feel superior to others and treat the ladder passers-by as fools. When playing the ladder ranking, he does not often open the microphone, only when there is a need to open the microphone to report points, and so on, in general, he is too lazy to care about others throwing the pot to him. In the end, they lost the game. Teammate Anna kept pushing this and that in the team's voice. Looking at the gold medal of treatment on his data panel, the fans in the live broadcast room were naturally very angry. One of them includes blooming. The monk took the gold medal for treatment, and you, Anna, still have the face to spray teammates?? Later Later, he learned that blooming for this matter also sent a long micro-blog to vent his anger, looking at the content of micro-blog is estimated to be really angry. However, the little guy probably didn't get angry for long,saw palmetto extract, after all, an hour later she sent a tweet about prpr licking WItcher. She really likes a lot of anchors and professional players. That's good. Between the lines of every micro-blog of fans, people can feel the happiness that is about to overflow and explode. As long as she's happy. No wonder she said that she had customized a lot of signs on Taobao, and she took them to brush the sense of existence when she was preparing for the offline competition. Although these signs do not have his share, some jealousy is certain, but it does not matter, e-sports is the need for fans to support. What is the point of playing here if there are no fans cheering, no fans holding signs and inflatable sticks, and only rows of empty seats that look bleak? When Dream moved from TF2 to Vanguard, it was for this reason that he felt that his career had lost its motivation and enthusiasm because no one was watching it at all. So he resolutely gave up TF2, which had accompanied him for many years, and turned to Overwatch Pioneer. Not angry? If an interesting team name can make her forget her previous unhappiness, then it seems that he should also thank the "smart and witty" face cat with "great naming ability". Hum Look, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,carnosic acid price, the expression changed really fast, and suddenly became unhappy again, and the smile that had just been amused by RCG gradually disappeared. Look, there's a man in Cos Reinhart. Qiao Yue suddenly opened his mouth. Ah, what? "Where?" Blooming immediately attracted attention. Looking in the direction of his right hand, but in the vast crowd, all she saw were normally dressed passengers, where was Reinhart's Cos? He frowned doubtfully and was unwilling to search for any difference in the crowd. Until Until something touched the corner of her mouth. Blooming knew that she had been cheated. She actually believed this kind of thing that deceives children like "look, flying saucer"! "You-" she stared at the tall young man in front of her with shame and annoyance. Her hands kept touching in her coat pocket, but where was the napkin she had prepared? Why did it disappear all of a sudden? Right, right, don't panic. Her napkins are in her bag. Calm down, Blooming. Repeated it over and over to myself in my heart. But how can you calm down? He lied to her about having Reinhart's Cos and played hooligans with her! Play a hooligan but a righteous look! Yes, he stared at her red cheeks for a moment, watching her face get redder and redder. That's enough. Don't be angry and apologize to you with your first kiss, OK? Squint, "is this the first kiss?"? You go away. And What kind of apology is that? Who cares! She didn't get mad at him for being kissed on the mouth. "Doesn't it count?" A tone of doubt. Blooming cold face, do not respond, just touch the hot face with cold hands, want to let it cool down quickly. With a red face, it's a shame to think about it. That "Does that count?" The next second he said this, he leaned over, and because of the close contact, what jumped into his eyes was her beautiful eyes like the ocean, her long and curly eyelashes like a small fan, and her surprised expression of being attacked. Don't look, Blooming. Don't stare at him in disbelief. He can be shy, too. The first time he did this, he was also a layman, so don't look, when he was too nervous, his performance would always be out of order. At the same time, the left hand found her right hand, cold and cold, and then held it, clasping her fingers, while the other idle right hand slowly raised to cover her beautiful eyes. Blooming is not like this. Kissing is not like this. Don't stare at him when kissing. But it doesn't matter. Cover it with your hand, and then you'll close your eyes reflexively, right? Close your eyes, and then feel, with every cell of your body to feel this sudden surprise. They all say that kissing is a beautiful thing. The heart, which deviates from the normal rhythm and beats fast, is dizzy and almost unable to think because of lack of oxygen. Blooming,fenugreek saponins, at this moment, no one will be a genius different from ordinary people. After this kiss. I can't control most of the 14 billion nerve cells in our brains that are burning at 450 miles an hour at any one time. "So-" he drawled. " When I like you, I can't help but want to.