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Duan Yu only smiled bitterly and was only anxious, but there was still no movement in the room, and all the people inside seemed to be sleeping like dead pigs. No matter how you look at it, molten iron is not a person who can sleep like a dead pig. It is possible to spend the night. It is said that lascivious women are all sleepy. Isn't he here tonight? Is the flower night coming back? Hua Huafeng bit her lips and suddenly ran over and broke the window paper with her nails. She was really not a thief, nor did she know to dip saliva on her nails first, so as not to make a sound when she broke the window paper. There was a sound of "flapping", and she actually pierced a big hole in the window. Duan Yu's face was already a little white, but there was still no movement in the room. Is there no one in Yuri? There is no one in the house. Not only was there no one, but even the contents had been removed, and the place had become an empty house, leaving only three potted flowers on the windowsill, which had been forgotten to be taken away. Duan Yu was stunned. Hua Huafeng was also stunned. The two men were stunned in the empty house for a long time. "Maybe you didn't go to this place during the day," said Hua Huafeng. Duan Yu nodded. "After you left," said Hua Huafeng, "Hua Yelai was afraid you'd come looking for her again, so she moved away too." "Then where is the house I went to during the day?" Asked Duan Yu. "Maybe it's around here,radio shuttle racking," said Hua Huafeng, "but now you can't find it." Duan Yu sighed and said with a wry smile, "Maybe I saw a ghost alive." Hua Huafeng sneered, "You've already seen a ghost, and you're a female ghost." Duan Yu dared not answer again, but fortunately he did not answer again. Because at that moment, he suddenly heard a strange whistle outside. This whistling sound is usually a signal given by night travelers. Sure enough,long span shelving, there were night walkers outside, and they had heard two men talking outside: "Are you sure this is the place?" "You can't go wrong. I was here last month." "But why hasn't anyone come out yet?" "I'm afraid they're all asleep." "Sleeping so hard." "Who in Jianghu dares to come here?"? Of course, people who are used to living a peaceful life will sleep more deeply. "But." "I can't be wrong anyway. Let's go in first." "Just go in like this?" "We are all our own people. What are we afraid of?" Although the sound came from outside the wall, it was still very clear in the night before. Duan Yu looked at Hua Huafeng and whispered, "These two seem to be friends with the master here." "So all we have to do is ask him," said Hua Huafeng, "and we'll know who the owner of this place is." Without waiting for Duan Yu to agree, she jumped out of the window. The two men outside just came in from the wall. Both of them were dressed in clothes. It was obvious that they were Jianghu people on the night road. When they saw Hua Huafeng, they immediately turned over the sky with one hand and put on a very strange posture. Hua Huafeng also put on the same posture as them. The two men asked a strange question at the same time: "What day is it today?" Hua Huafeng rolled her eyes and said, "The second day of February." The two men breathed a sigh of relief, smiled on their faces, Pallet rack upright ,pipe cantilever rack, and clasped their fists. One of the taller men clasped his fists and said, "Brother Zhou Sen, I was born on the third day of the third month. I went to Zhenjiang to work. I passed by the treasure land and came to visit him." "It's easy to say," said Hua Huafeng. "Has the dragon looked up and fallen asleep?" Asked Zhou Sen. "" He's out of town on business, "said Hua Huafeng." If you two have anything to do, tell me the same thing. Zhou Sen hesitated and said with a smile, "Our brothers are unlucky. We gave away all the money in the city. I've heard for a long time that Boss Long takes the most care of his brothers, so I want to ask him for turnover." Hua Huafeng said with a smile, "Since we are our own people, if you don't come here, the Dragon Boss will be angry if he knows." Zhou Sen said with a smile, "If we don't know the reputation of the Dragon Boss, we won't dare to come." Hua Huafeng turned her head and waved to Duan Yu in the room. "Take out five hundred taels of silver and give it to these two elder brothers as money," she said. "Yes," said Duan Yu. ” He had no choice but to jump out of the window and take out the ten silver tickets on his body. As soon as he was ready to count five, Hua Huafeng grabbed all the silver tickets and said with a smile, "This is a little bit of meaning. Please accept it with your eldest brother." "Chou Sen took the silver note, beaming with thanks." I didn't expect Miss Hua to be more generous than Boss Long, "he said. "Hua Huafeng said," If one of us keeps on being polite, he'll be a stranger. Zhou Sen said with a smile, "Our brothers have heard of Miss Hua for a long time. It's really lucky to see her today." "If you two aren't in a hurry," said Hua Huafeng, "why don't you hide here for two days and wait for Boss Long to come back and meet you before you leave?" "I dare not disturb you," said Zhou Sen. "My brother still has to go back to hand in his job. When the eldest brother Long comes back, he will ask the girl to greet him for us, saying that our brothers on the third day of the third month all wish him all the best and give birth to a son as soon as possible." Hua Huafeng said with a smile, "Brother Zhou is good at singing and praying. I also wish Brother Zhou good luck. He threw four or five or six." Zhou Sen smiled. The two of them thanked each other again and again. After they went out, they kept praising each other. This flower girl is really loyal and good at being a man. Although she joined the club not long ago, but one day, she will certainly be promoted to the head of the hall, our brothers can work under her hands, that is strong. When their voices were far away, Duan Yucai sighed and said with a wry smile, "You're really generous. You gave away all my belongings as soon as you gave them away." "Anyway," said Hua Huafeng, "you still have the ten thousand taels you won in Taoist Gu's liquor store." "How do you know I always have silver with me?" Asked Duan Yu. Hua Huafeng said with a smile, "Your money was exposed on the boat that day. I didn't send your gold leaves out with it. It was already very polite." Duan Yu said with a wry smile,Narrow aisle rack, "Money should not be exposed. There seems to be some truth in that." He sighed and couldn't help saying, "But I still don't understand what's going on." Hua Huafeng's expression suddenly became serious and she said, "Have you ever heard of the three words'Green Dragon Society '?" 。

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