Eighty Koi Sweet Girl

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Of course, in Li Qiye's view, he is not afraid that the other side can't afford it, the other side is also a big shot,

Sweet apricot knows, although oneself do not want to accept, but such time, the best also is to follow the meaning of He Guihong is better. Knowing that He Guihong had given up going abroad, He's mother was very happy, thinking that her son had a good relationship with sweet apricot! But a few days later, she found the medicine bottle that He Guihong had accidentally thrown away. She checked it doubtfully and found out what the medicine was for. Then she went to He Guihong's house and turned it over and collapsed on the ground! When He Guihong came back that day, his mother looked at him with red eyes: "Son, mom is sorry for you!"! Did mom even hit you? She cried shoulder shaking, He Guihong also heartache, went over to embrace her: "Mom, nothing, you are all for my good!" " The sky of the He family seemed to collapse, and the parents of the He family did not dare to let Grandpa He know, but this time they insisted that He Guihong be hospitalized. Looking at He Guihong's body pain frequency is getting higher and higher, sweet apricot even began to be in a trance, God has been treating her very well, but why is it not good now? Why did her brother Gui Hong, the best man in the world, get such a disease? This matter let the Xu family also fell into the gloomy clouds, but sweet apricot did not dare to show fear, she did not want to let the family worry about themselves. When a person is faced with despair, he begins to try to find any way to hope. Sweet apricot found a day to go to the famous Tongjiao Temple, kneel down piously, make a wish, only hope that God's mercy, can let a miracle happen to He Guihong. She knelt there and kept talking in her heart,chrome washing machine, and unconsciously she knelt for more than an hour. A little nun of Tongjiao Temple saw such a beautiful girl coming to the temple. She knelt there for so long, and there were two lines of tears on her cheeks. She couldn't help telling her master. Master, this man must have met something terrible. He is still kneeling. Would you like to resolve it? Her master's name was Huiyun. Huiyun looked indifferent. Hearing this, she smiled and said, "Then I'll go and have a look." Huiyun dressed in a khaki Taoist robe, the pace is very light, she walked behind the sweet apricot did not hear, and Huiyun saw the bracelet on the wrist of the sweet apricot, eyes flashed. She knew this bracelet. It was left by her master's master. Later, it was lost. It was said that it was bought by a rich man. The price was very high when it was auctioned. Now it is on this girl's wrist? This kind of bracelet, is not money can buy, most of them is a kind of fate, let the bracelet to the girl's hand. Even so, portable gold wash plant ,tin beneficiation plant, the girl in front of her gave birth to a kind of suspicion just by looking at her face. The Great Master once mentioned a kind of person in this world with a strange identity, but there are very few such people in today's world. Huiyun said softly, "Miss, what do you want?"? Maybe I can share your worries. Sweet apricot opens an eye, some are glad: "Really?" When she finished, her eyes were full of sadness: "My lover is terminally ill. The doctor said he only needs two or three months to live. His health is getting worse and worse. I'm so scared. I hope God can bless him to get better.." Huiyun nodded: "If ordinary people come to ask for this, I can only say that everyone has his own destiny, but if the kind of person who has an extraordinary destiny since birth, there is indeed a way." Sweet apricot beautiful eyes are looking forward to: "Master, what is with the extraordinary fate of the people?"? I feel like I'm just an ordinary person. But I can do anything as long as I can save him! Huiyun said with a smile, "Have you ever met a bead that no one else can see, as long as you can see it?" Sweet apricot immediately nodded: "There is such a bead!"! I put it on my neck. I picked it up in my pond. Sometimes it gets hot. I feel very strange. Master, can this bead save him? Said, sweet apricot took out the bead, Huiyun was very surprised! The grand master once said that a group of koi came to the world in order to breed more pure and genuine koi for the whole world. However, there are many desires in the world. If this koi loses itself, the beads will become black. In the future, it will not be able to return to the fairy pool with its offspring, but will only be able to turn into human form from generation to generation and experience human suffering. There were seven koi in that batch, and the sweet apricot was one of them. The other six were all unable to withstand the temptation of the world, and the beads all turned black. But this bead of sweet apricot is a very moving light purple, under the flow of pearlescent light, even with a touch of pink and pure gold! It's so rare! It's so rare! This person must have never done anything to hurt others since he was a child, and there is no dark psychology that should not exist, so he can make the beads so glorious! Huiyun was so moved that he put his palm on his lips and said, "Amitabha." Sweet apricot is very urgent, but also maintain a polite: "Master, do you really have a way to save him?"? I can do anything as long as I can save him! Looking at the smart and pure girl in front of her, Huiyun's eyes are full of gentle smiles: "You are such a character, it is very simple to save a person.". Did you just say he was your lover? Sweet apricot nods: "Gui Hong elder brother is my lover, the person that I love very much." Huiyun nodded and touched her head: "Since it is your lover, you can use yourself to save him. Use your virginity to save him. This is the most precious medicine in the world." Sweet apricot's virginity is the best thing in the world to reverse bad luck, which is unique and only once. This makes sweet apricot's face red, but the person in front of her is a nun, how can she deceive herself? Would make such a joke? Hui Yun heart carefree, she just touched the skin of sweet apricot, all feel calm, at this time is for the world there is a koi and happy. She actually witnessed the incarnation of this Koi, or such an excellent Koi, is this an opportunity? Hui Yun thought and walked away, while sweet apricot thought about it and hurried back. It's not that she didn't think about that day, the day when she was really with Gui Hong's brother, but she used to think about that after she got married. Now that the nun said something like that, the sweet apricot almost didn't hesitate,manganese beneficiation plant, so she decided to give her body to He Gui Hong. 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