The south wind rises slightly

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Jiang Ya cried out loudly and said in disbelief, "You lied to me!" Ling Chen sneers, did not pay attention to her again

Yan Yan has no way to take his early morning madness, two people pull and pull, she is actually very tired, headache, "I beg you, not now.." "You haven't agreed to my request." His voice sounded very aggrieved, like a boudoir. Uh-huh, promise, promise everything. Anything you say? "Mmm." Yan Yan shook his head very much. ……” Zhou "set an example" to widen his pajamas first, and then pushed Yan into the shower. The love words that ironed people's hearts were lost in the hot air of the room, and then like a broken bead curtain, they scattered into grains and fell on the brick surface, ringing. Qing Qing.. Zhou Shian murmured. Zhou Shian asked Yan if she had a nickname. Except that her grandmother sometimes called her Nannan, everyone either called her Yan or her name, Yan. Zhou Shian's wechat name is Qing Qing. Qing Qing is like meeting Qing Qing. Chapter 65 continuous meaning. The windows of the teahouse were all open, and the autumn wind was filled with the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus. There were bamboo bushes in the corner of the wall downstairs, and between the thin shadows, there was a faint trace of dusk. Zhou Shian invited customers here at noon. He drank a little too much. It was time to have afternoon tea after a rest. He called Yan Yan to come over, and a cup of tea opened her appetite. She said that she used to feel that these Pingtan were babbling and grotesque, and that she really wanted to spare some time to listen carefully to the sound, which was really the sound of warblers and swallows. There is a female teacher in the hall who is singing "Song Girl of the End of the World" in Pingtan tune. She listened carefully to a few words: The ends of the earth and the ends of the sea Find a bosom friend The little sister sings and plays the piano. Lang, we are of the same mind. Oh, oh, oh, Lang. We are of one mind. Home Mountain, look north. Tears, tears touch the front. …… She got goose bumps all over the floor and said to Zhou Shian pertinently. No wonder all the rich dudes in the past loved to find girls to listen to music. If she had listened to it in those days, she would have been rewarded with money, and a layer of skin would have fallen off. Zhou Shian reclined on an arhat bed, listening to her gossip and sobering up. The night began to rise, Yan Yan asked him, can not go? If you don't go,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, you'll have to go on to dinner. He was noncommittal. After a while, he got up slowly and said that he had really drunk too much today. He could still vomit as usual. Today, he was burning in his heart. Yan Yan took a cup of tea and asked him to drink more tea to sober up. Zhou Shian took a sip of her hand and complained, "I can't put it in my stomach." "So the business is done?" "Hard to say." This result is not what Yan Yan thought of, she thought that he could go all out to drink, this business should be set in stone. Probably a little happier in his heart, he drank a few more cups. Zhou Shian stood up slowly, rolled up the cuffs of his shirt that had been rolled up to his wrists, and buttoned his wrists. Looking down at Yan Yan, who was sitting reclining, "Hibiscus went back with Shu Xing." Yan Yan was stunned and realized that he said he was happy today because of Miss Shu. Shu hibiscus physical examination report, nothing serious, Zhou Shi'an told Yan Yan, the news for him, is a sigh of relief, he did not want to hide Yan Yan. Yan Yan answered him lightly, oil dropper bottle ,glass cream jars, "that's good." No life and death, after all, is good news. Are you angry? Zhou Shian knelt down to explore Yan Yan's expression. She shook her head calmly. "I'm not that impersonal." "But it's a little unhappy. I said she was a little discouraged because she drank too much, wasn't it?" This person is so boring that it is not pleasant to chase after her. Yan Yan, I just don't want to lie to you. "I understand that she is the one you have cared about for so many years." "Quan Dangyuan practiced it for her." Those who raise their glasses to bid farewell are not the old friends in their eyes, but the old people in their hearts. Yan Yan asked him that if his parents had let Miss Shu see him that year, would all the endings be different. Zhou Shian smiled, maybe. The man on the opposite side looked at him sourly and did not speak. If the relationship with hibiscus has been surviving, then go to your home, even if you see, only when you are a child, the first time did not like, probably will not want to go to the second time, the third time, who has the leisure to tease a big temper of the little girl. ” "Not much femininity, no breasts, no buttocks, just a beautiful face, a little white, a little thin waist, affectation twist, even if you love me that thing, soft voice grievance, also make people afraid.." Yan Yan was so angry that he covered his mouth directly and talked nonsense, as if this was not enough to relieve his anger. His grievance was mixed with some rare pleasing expressions, and he bit hard on Zhou Shi'an's lower lip. There is no if, there is no if in life. Yan Yan carefully tears, can not kiss methodically, she said that even if there is that if, she will still like Zhou Shian, from the first time with him face to face that moment, she seems to have a strange heart. It's just that, in that case, it's possible to get up and go out. Zhou Shian hugged Yan Yan on his lap and taught her to kiss her. Between his breath, he joked, "Isn't that a pity? After all, someone has won my heart." The next song in the hall is about to be finished. Little sister is like a thread, like a needle. Lang, wear together without separation. Oh, oh, oh, Lang. Wear together without separation. The sad and graceful voice of the girl, like the cool night, spreads out and gets a continuous pleasure in human bones and blood. Chapter 66 SP.01 When did Grandma know that Yan Yan was dating Mr. Zhou? One day, the old lady salted Salted Duck Egg half a catty of salt. When she went to the grocery store of the Chiang family at the entrance of the lane to buy salt, she saw their girl get out of Mr. Zhou's car. The old lady did not recognize Mr. Chou's car, but she was impressed by his driver. The young man got out of the car and showed his face, and then the old lady saw the car. Then he saw Yan Yan get out of the back seat of the car and almost slam the door to get out of the car. Immediately, Mr. Zhou, who was always well-dressed and dignified, came down sideways from the other side. He shouted Yan Yan, no one had no ears to listen to him,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, Zhou was unhappy, "the car door was broken by you, you come back to me!" Yan Yan finally ran into his grandmother carrying several bags of salt with an angry face.

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