The definition of Twice Heardle

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Wordle is comparable to Heardle for music game players. Heardle is maybe the only form of Wordle to have spawned a completely autonomous society. The variants of Heardle are numerous and sufficiently diverse to be subdivided into subcategories like K-pop heardle.

Wordle is comparable to Heardle for music game players. Heardle is maybe the only form of Wordle to have spawned a completely autonomous society. The variants of Heardle are numerous and sufficiently diverse to be subdivided into subcategories like K-pop heardle.

You may already be familiar with some popular K-pop-based Heardles, but this post is dedicated to the Once. That's the case! Here's everything you need to know about the newest Twice Heardle.

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The definition of Twice Heardle octordle
Twice Heardle is a Heardle spin-off produced by "Twice Flies" on Twitter. The objective of the game is to tackle a daily music-based challenge based solely on Twice's enticing catalog within six tries. If you have previously participated in a Heardle challenge, you are already familiar with the game's fundamental rules.

Like twice on Heardle Heardle distributes hints in the form of seconds rationed from a total of 16 seconds of the opening of any random Twice song; for a die-hard Once fan, identifying the song is a simple matter of trial and error (perhaps on the first try!). And this is precisely why Heardle is the game to play if you want to earn the superfan badge by attempting to finish the task with the fewest amount of music tips necessary.

Where can I perform Twice Headle?
Twice Heardle is a completely web-based and free music game that originated as a Heardle clone by Glitch! fans. You can play it on any web browser or supported device, such as a smartphone, smart TV, or desktop/laptop computer.

Here you can perform Twice Heardle.
Due to the fact that this is a daily challenge, you can only play it once each day. The game resets for all participants at 12 a.m. local time, at which point a new universal Twice Heardle challenge is announced.

The rules for Twice Heardle
If you are inexperienced with the Heardle universe, you may find the new layout, hint-system, and gameplay confusing. However, that is not true. To make things easier, we've outlined the game's mechanics (along with a great shortcut) in the section below.

1. Gather the remaining seconds
On Twice Heardle, clues are communicated in the form of seconds that are rationed.
Since the objective is to accomplish the challenge in fewer tries, if you are unable to guess the song with the free (opening 1-second) suggestion or the first hint, replay the remaining seconds to see if you can hum a progression of Twice songs.


Similarly to Heardle, Twice Heardle enables players to skip a guess rather than making a blind, incorrect estimate. If you have not made any mental progress on the mystery song, you should skip a guess to gain more time.

Use the search box.
If you find the song's start to be familiar yet eluding you, try playing with the search bar for hints. Here's how it's done.


Enter a letter or word into the search bar; as a result, you will see a list of auto-populated results depending on the keywords you entered. Occasionally, a word or song title could prompt you to recall that elusive Twice tune.

3. Unlocking the Twice discography
The game's song list is comprised of all Korean, English, and Japanese singles released by the girl group. Therefore, when making your guesses, do not limit yourself to a single language, but instead consider Twice's international hit-creating prowess in its whole.

4. Use deceit to succeed
Consider this your final option if you refuse to give up your title as a diehard Once fan. If you are unable to identify the song of the day on your own, use the Shazam app. As one of the most popular k-pop groups, Shazam should have the most, if not all, of Twice's songs in its database.


Permit Shazam to listen to the musical samples and check them against its database to complete the task on your behalf. Yes, we agree that attempting to cheat through the task is not entertaining. However, if a perfect Twice Heardle streak is more important to you than a conscience prick, then it's not such a bad deal.

In fact, Shazam could likely identify the music with only the first three to four seconds of the beginning, so it could also be used as a cheating device to complete a "brag-worthy" task.

Are you unable to perform Twice Heardle? Fixing
If the inability is due to the unavailability of the track used for One of the requirements for constructing a Glitch!-based Heardle game is using the Soundcloud online song streaming platform as the embedded audio container.

However, if a certain song is not permitted to be played in your region due to licensing restrictions, the advantages soon vanish. You have no choice but to surrender that day's challenge and wait till a playable track is available.

Instructions for playing past Twice Heardle games
In the lack of official Twice Heardle versions, you can play previous Heardle challenges by adjusting the system date on your computer, mobile device, or other intelligent device. Below is a link to our comprehensive article on the subject, which has additional details.
Heardle Archive: How to Play Ancient Heardle Games

No more! I had to complete today's Twice Heardle "THREE TIMES A DAY" What do you say? Share your greatest score below!

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