Get Stunning Faux Locs Dreads Hairstyle at Elite Braids + Weaving

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Faux locs are temporary protective styles that use extensions to increase the length of your hair. Elite Braids + Weaving is a premium protective hair salon in Houston providing superb faux locs and dreads. 

Our hair stylists are some of the best professionals in the industry, with a considerable experience of over a decade. They can carefully braid your hair and wrap extensions around each braid to achieve realistic flowing locs through your hair. 

We've served the Houston community with gorgeous hairstyles like dreads, crochets, cornrows, and more to uplift their inner beauty and confidence. 

Get Versatile Faux Locs Dreads

We specialize in creating a wholesome natural look with faux locs dreads hairstyle on any type and length of hair. We section your hair into boxes and wrap around extensions to create natural-looking dreads. This also allows you to create dreads as long as you want. 

We offer the following faux locs dreads categories:

● Bohemian Locs

A freestyle appearance for those with curly and wavy hair at the ends. 

● Goddess Locs

Use synthetic extensions for a distressed look with curls and twists

● Butterfly Locs

A wing-like appearance that spreads through the locs, akin to the look of a butterfly. 

● Starter Locs

Get started with your locs journey or use it as a base to achieve other styles. 

● Loc Touch Up

Expert maintenance of your locs for a flawless look. 

We can create any custom hairdo for you, be it braids, cornrows, crochets, or any kind of Afro-protective hairstyle. Enhance your charm and captivate their imagination with flawless faux locs and dreads at Elite Braids + Weaving. 

Contact us and schedule an appointment at one of our salons for outstanding results.

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