The see-through view is amazing! Application of Perforated Panel in Landscape _ Space

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Original title: The transparent scene is amazing! Application of Perforated Panel in Landscape Source: Landscaper

Original title: The transparent scene is amazing! Application of Perforated Panel in Landscape Source: Landscaper (ID: xyzwin) Designers Hello, everyone! Perforated plates are made through different metal plates. Achieve the right size through different tailoring Piercing on CNC machine tool To achieve the desired pattern effect. The commonly used pass patterns are basically round holes, square holes, Triangular holes and other simple geometric figures, fixed installation form Metal perforated plate, as its name implies, refers to the surface. Metal plates with various shapes and hole patterns Materials are mostly stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, iron plate, copper plate and so on. Expand the full text Perforated plate is widely used in real life. Mainly used to absorb noise It can also be used as a decorative board,printed tape measure, beautiful and elegant. Building facades and landscape sculptures are common. Enclosure, gallery, corridor and so on for courtyard landscape design It can also be used indoors. Suzhou Zhongshuge/Yuting-Wu topia Lab. 01. Penetrating "Jing" Chinese classical gardens are exquisite. "Wherever there is a place to look out, it seems to be the meaning of avoiding the outside and hiding the inside." There is reality in the void,seamstress measuring tape, hidden but not leaking. And the perforated plate is just perfect. The need for this courtyard landscaping Afghanistan Market Cultural Area/HASSELL/© Mark Wilson Zhongnan · Chunfeng South Bank/Shanghai Branch of Chengdu Saikensi Chuangxiang Life Landscape Design Co., Ltd. Shenyang Yuexiu Xinghui Brocade/Shanshui Bide Craft The different metal plates are cut to the appropriate sizes Piercing on CNC Punch Hole type: round hole, square hole, prismatic hole, triangular hole Pentagonal star hole, oblong hole, etc. The pattern can be designed according to computer numerical control Shenyang Vanke Jade Riverside/Shanshui Bide The reed lamp comes on Planting pool space created by special-shaped perforation design It looks clear and clear. Waterscape sculptures, scattered in different shapes, bespoken tape measure ,custom tape measure, are full of artistic texture. Sunan Vanke 138 Degree Park Avenue/Lab D + H Shenyang Longhu · Shunshan Mansion/Landscape Design: Daoyuan Landscape/Bronze Sculpture: Beijing Ruimao Metal Decoration Co., Ltd./Photography: Riye Photography Times South Bay Garden/BOX Box Practice Landscape Office/Photograph: Luo Zhizong Hong Kong Landmark · Yi Jiang Jun/SWA Group (conceptual design), Weitu Design Agency (detailed design) In order to make the mountain shape more three-dimensional under the light, SWA Group San Francisco Office Simulation of Mountain Texture Using Parametric Techniqu Innovative "punch plate" process with laser cut hol Make 54739 punched holes Hong Kong Landmark Landscape Department invites sculpture companies to conduct field experiments After 8 times of plate thickness test Finally, "pass stability" and "mountain shape restoration" are perfectly balanced. 02. Penetration of light Nanjing Gaoke Ziweitang/Chengdu Saiken Sichuang Life Landscape Design Co., Ltd. Taihe Qingyun Town/Guangmu Landscape/© See Photography A mirror water feature with a diameter of about 22 meters is cut into the viewing platform. Designers through repeated deliberation Scale, width, and spatial relationship Finally, the use of perforated aluminum panels combined with lighting in the water facade. It reproduces a picture of a thousand miles of rivers and mountains. Perforated aluminum plate through the design of size and density Under the background light box, it presents the elegant charm of mountains. Shenzhen Vanke Shanfu Community Center/Beijing Chuangyi Shance Landscape Design Co., Ltd. Perforated plate under the light and shadow Broad range of design styles and expressive capabilities Colorful colors, patterns, textures, layers and Surface effects open up unlimited possibilities for materials The design and application of transparent plate is everywhere The transparent board at the staircase is hidden. Increases the permeability of space. Control privacy with punched metal mesh Taking into account natural lighting conditions The metal mesh punching plate screen introduces light into the space at the same time It also provides privacy for multiple public living spaces. Under the light of day and night, the 3 mm thick cherry blossom steel plate designed by Mount Fuji Architects Studio exudes different charm. Mount Fuji Architects Studio Beautiful and romantic cherry blossom pattern, affectionate and romantic Such a beautiful decoration is bound to be the punch point of net red. How to shoot the fairies and how beautiful they are. Cherry blossom perforated plate detail Balcony or terrace, perforated plate not only shading Different hollowed-out effect has a unique style JIN CO LTD office building in Maebashi, Japan Widely used in corridors and building facades White perforated plate Folded Perforated Sheet and Facade White concrete walls form a unique texture. Under the feeling of space and under the reflection of sunlight. Bring people a unique space experience JIN CO LTD office building White perforated plate Space lingers between concealment and semi-concealment. Under the light and shadow, time seems to stand still at the moment So clean and pure. Each perforated plate Has its own unique soul. Low-key, simple and luxurious The geometric lattice is an Ottoman Selcuk topic A modern interpretation The repeated triangular pattern has a touch of oriental flavor. Apartments in Istanbul, Turkey Under the passage of time Rusty steel plate With rusty red flowers. Perforated plates transmit light and shadow through their shapes Create a starry night effect During the day, the sun shines through the holes with mottled shadows. Oblique light to dawn through Zhu Hu Landscape design can also be bathed in light and shadow! 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