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There are wheels under these ladders, which can be approached quickly. At the same time, the ladders above are

There are wheels under these ladders, which can be approached quickly. At the same time, the ladders above are not fragile bamboo, but solid wood. The lower part of all ladders is covered with thick cowhide. On the wall of the large crossbow machine constantly launched, a piece of the crossbow arrow roared away, with a puff of blood, but the number of crossbow machine, after all, is too small, completely ineffective, the red tide is not harassed surrounded the city of Jinling. For a moment. Inside the whole city of Jinling, there was a harsh sound of gongs, and the servants who finally went down to rest were forced to climb up the wall, and everyone's spirit was particularly tired. I don't know if the Red Turban is using fatigue tactics. Before that, they won't attack at night. In fact, with enough troops, they can make most of the people in Jinling City have a nervous breakdown. After all, people are not made of iron. When you are tired to a certain extent, you will naturally collapse. Sure enough, just after the withdrawal of the servants, in the face of the attack of the red scarf thieves, they appear to be powerless, even if the red scarf thieves have reached the gate. Unfurled the ladder. They have not launched a fierce counterattack. Dong Chao took five hundred town navy soldiers to walk back and forth, urging the servants to fight,sodium cyanide price, but the arrowheads shot by the servants were soft and had no lethality, and even the stones thrown down seemed to be unable to find the feeling. Others kept yawning, their eyes could not see the situation in front of them at all, and they accidentally leaned too far forward in a trance. As a result, he was hit by an arrow from below. So he carried it down. Zhang Xianghe suddenly found that Liu Ding had disappeared, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. "Where is Shure?" He asked hurriedly. Li Yihe said quietly, "I'll be right back." Zhang Xianghe said in a panic, "He didn't leave alone, did he?" Li Yihe said lightly: "He just brought some friends up." Zhang Xianghe said blankly,Portable gold trommel, "Friend?"? What friend? Side voice did not fall, over there Liu Ding has appeared, also with two hundred people, their speed is very fast, immediately came up from the stairs, followed by skilled occupied the battlements. Only to see them skillfully pull out the bow and arrow behind them, follow the bow and arrow, aim at the red towel thieves below, only to hear the sound of swishing, the red towel thieves on the ladder, immediately like fruit ravaged by a tropical storm, continue to fall down from the ladder. The Red Turban thieves below wanted to fight back, but they were immediately pressed down by the arrows they shot. Dragon song and Ma Yue was not good at archery, the original intention of the dragon warrior is to meet the side of the war, so everyone is the most proficient in hand-to-hand combat skills, but adapted into Shuzhou water army, gold heap leaching ,Portable gold trommel, Liu Ding asked them and ghost rain soldiers, both good at hand-to-hand combat, but also to master the skills of archery, so they started in the city of Anhui Linghu Wing and Wei Jingxing were their instructors, and Li Siyuan did not give them less advice. After several months of hard training, the archery skills of the dragon warriors have indeed improved greatly, and tonight's battle is their maiden battle with bows and arrows. Sure enough, Liu Ding was very satisfied with it. Zhang Xianghe is more and more surprised, only feel incredible, these people's archery is so fierce, it is rare in life. But do not know that the dragon warriors have been training archery these days, their training place is on the rocking warship, from this ship to another ship's enemy shooting, now down-to-earth, but also commanding, arrowheads naturally will not have the slightest deviation. His surprise has not passed, there is another round of arrows over the dragon warrior, in the long ladder, the number of red towel thieves is less and less, the following red towel thieves have also been a lot of damage. The red towel thieves below were almost stunned, they had no idea that there was such a fierce arrow rain above, and there was no action for a while. As a result, the dragon warriors seized the time and launched two rounds of arrow rain in a row. There were more red towel thieves falling below. There was no red towel thief on dozens of ladders, only the moat below was full of corpses. Not only the red towel thief surprised, even on the city of Dong Chao, and all the servants, all stunned. Turning a blind eye to the suspicious eyes around him, Liu Ding turned to Zhang Xianghe and said lightly, "These are my subordinates in Gwangju. They all survived the brutal battle with the Huaixi Army. They heard that I was in Jinling, so they followed me here." "That's great," said Zhang Xianghe excitedly. The soldiers who can survive the battle with the Huaixi Army are certainly not simple. With them as the backbone, the safety factor of Jinling City is one more. Just look at their archery, we know that the following red scarf thieves are definitely in trouble. But he immediately remembered, the town navy navy is not blocked the river? Even Pei Yijing's negotiations have no effect, how did his subordinates come? Suddenly, Zhang Xianghe felt that Shulei was so strange and strange in front of him. Behind his indifference, there seemed to be too many secrets. Shure, who the hell is this? Was about to speak, suddenly, a crossbow arrow whistled from his ear, Liu Ding pushed him down behind the battlements, Zhang Xianghe just floating in the mind of the question, was immediately taken away by the crazy crossbow arrow. It turned out that Yang Kun found that the defenders on the east gate suddenly became stronger, so he ordered the crossbow to suppress the enemy on Chengtou. Under the cover of the crossbow, the Red Turban thieves reorganized their attack, and a more brutal fight was about to begin. Chapter 173 Mainstay (1) Arrows are like locusts. One by one, the crossbow arrows roared, and all the people on the city head hurriedly hid behind the battlements. Crossbow arrows hit the battlements, making a popping sound, and in the darkness, the splashing fire was clearly visible, and even eerily floated to the eyes of many people. Some of the battlements were shot out of the rubble as if they had been washed away by a storm. Jinling city walls are quite old, many battlements are weathered,coltan ore processing, by the powerful impact of the crossbow, most of the battlements are left with scars, and even some battlements were directly shattered by the crossbow. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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