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There are wheels under these ladders, which can be approached quickly. At the same time, the ladders above are

This entry into the cold country is due to Loki's amazing strength, but in fact, his greatest reliance is this Tomahawk. It is because of the almost unstoppable power of the fire element contained in this axe that Loki was able to successfully invade the palace of Nala Tyrael. The cold in the palace is not comparable to that outside. It can almost freeze a soul to death. There, all the physical and magic defenses have little effect. The only divine power that can be relied on can not completely isolate the cold. What's worse for Loki is that he is Vulcan, so the damage caused by the cold to him will be doubled. Thanks to the axe of Vulcan in his hand, Loki would not be as relaxed as he is now. Under the pure combat power, the pure Yin son is absolutely no match for Loki, not to mention the pure Yin son, even if the Yin and Yang son is here, it is not enough to see at all. If you add all the pets around you, you can probably resist for a while. Of course, it would be better if the centipede monster could also give Loki some trouble. However, in view of the situation that many magic puppets pull out each other's tongues, the main target of the centipede monster at present should be the pure Yin side. Now the pure Yin son can no longer hide, he quickly jumped to the side of the familiar, let the familiar guard him. At the same time, he summoned out his biggest reliance today-the infinite killing boundary! A blood-red mask enveloped the entire palace of Nala Terrell, and the curtain of light continued to expand. Loki, the God of fire, the fearsome centipede monster,30ml dropper bottle, and the creatures of the frozen continent were all enveloped in the boundary. Although this boundary can not limit the other side, but in the boundary, pure Yin son is in a state of infinite resurrection, and his pet can also do this, more importantly, although the current pure Yin son can not simulate the monsters that fought with him before in the boundary, but it does not take much effort to throw those monsters around Loki. Loki took a strange look at the blood-colored mask around him, which he thought was strange,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, but now he can't use space skills, and he can't use ice magic himself (you can't expect Vulcan to put a snowstorm, can you?) So in this war, in fact, the pure Yin side has already taken advantage of a lot. The infinite killing field can only limit creatures with a level below one third of the pure Yin, and there is no restriction on Loki and the centipede monster, so the pure Yin sent a pet army on one side, while the other side threw the monsters in the enchantment that met his control conditions to Loki. Loki is indeed the supreme, although the surrounding environment is very strong suppression, but he did not feel at a disadvantage, but a few times will be amazing defense of the ancient battlefield puppet to dismantle. The doll had experienced a series of blows before, and then used the overload power to play rally with the centipede, so it suffered a lot of injuries. The second to fall were Kagadas and the Spiked Whistling Bone Dragon. Loki's two throwing axes sent out several axe-blade shockwaves, which immediately cut several pets into several pieces, Oil Dropper Bottle ,Amber Dropper Bottles, and even three of the poisonous mother's legs were cut off, but the big insect had good resilience, so it soon grew new legs and continued to fight. At this point, the only thing that could hold Loki down was the primitive beast of destruction, a fleshy red half-length tauren with a slightly blackened whip in his hand, and he fought with Loki. The whip should actually be red, but because of the low temperature here, the temperature gradually disappeared, and the flexibility was slightly reduced. But the advantage is that this whip is not afraid of the axe of Vulcan in Loki's hand, but the axe of Vulcan cuts on the whip, which will make the whip temporarily accept the element of fire and burn red again. With the power of the primitive beast of destruction and several other familiars, Loki could barely hold on for a while. On the other side, the Hades became the main force to deal with the monster Centipede. However, the Hades, who was only an East-West hybrid with his upper body, obviously had a high IQ. He saw that the centipede still had a trace of animal nature, so he kept stalling around the other side. The idea he reported was also very simple: it was impossible to kill the opponent anyway, so he could hold it for a while. Because there are too many things in the infinite killing boundary, Chunyinzi also feels that the frozen monsters on the frozen continent are constantly waking up and joining the battle, and he himself is in the form of a nightmare, so his magic value can not last long at all, although it can be replenished by gluttonous beasts, but the speed of consumption is much faster than that of replenishment. The boundary will be forced to withdraw, and then he will have no way to deal with his opponent. In order to be able to hold out a little longer, the pure Yin son simply lifted the nightmare form, during which he also thought about using the level doubling skill, but considering the sequelae, he gave up for the time being. Doubling the level is also one of the secret tricks of the pure Yin son. Finally, after several pets died back and forth three times and were resurrected three times, the infinite killing boundary flashed twice and finally disappeared, the blood light disappeared all of a sudden, and the piercing cold and dim light around replaced the bloody boundary. Previously, in the infinite killing boundary, Loki's life value was strangely restored by killing his opponent! This is a surprising discovery, if not for the axe in Loki's hand, which has the effect of absorbing the opponent's health, then there must be something strange about him. After the infinite killing boundary disappeared, the pure Yin son almost lost all his magic. What's worse, as one of the main forces, the ghost abomination was killed by the strange centipede and did not have time to revive before the boundary disappeared, so it will be absent in the next battle, which means that the pure Yin son's situation will be more difficult. Stop him! Pure Yin son fell from the sky, because of the lack of flame, so after touching the ground was quickly frozen, before the ice he saw the centipede monster is rushing towards him,30ml Dropper Bottle, so hurriedly to the ancient battlefield puppet issued an order. The magic puppet immediately broke away from the side of the battle and turned to stop in front of the pure Yin son, but the centipede used impact skills to rush over, relying on the ancient battlefield magic simply can not stop the other side. penghuangbottle.com

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