How should funwest sex dolls be stored and stored when not in use?

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How to store funwest sex dolls is a question that many children will consider.

How should funwest sex dolls be stored and stored when not in use?


How to store funwest sex dolls is a question that many children will consider.


If you don't want the doll to be discovered when not in use, and you also need to ensure that the storage method is gentle and appropriate, you can refer to the following 5 plans.


Everyone knows that funwest sex dolls cannot stand for a long time, otherwise it may cause deformation.


1、 Putting luggage


Many friends choose to store it in their luggage


In fact, apart from the split version, the all-in-one doll can never be placed in a suitcase.


Curling up a doll for a long time can accelerate damage and shorten its lifespan.


2、 The best storage method is to hang it up.


Because the doll is suspended in the air, its own weight will not crush any side.


However, if the doll is allowed to stand or sit, it will cause a great burden on the child, and over time it will crack.


3、 Of course, you can also choose to lay it flat


Many children who live with their parents and the door cannot be locked will mostly choose to place it under the bed.


My personal suggestion is to do a good job of protection, otherwise one day the mice at home will fall in love with funwest sex dolls and spoil them, and they will cry.


4、 A storable sofa stool


If conditions permit, you can also choose sofas, chairs, etc. with storage functions


It can provide a separate space for the doll and also add a piece of furniture.


But if someone sits on it and puts a P, I will definitely mind to some extent.


5、 Get a super large suitcase directly


I think this plan is the most appropriate, one step in place, so that when moving in the future, you can easily take your girlfriend away with just one click.