Park Eun-seon in Charge of the Forefront of Women's Soccer

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Park Eun-sun, who played as a leading striker in Korea's women's soccer, left the field.

Park Eun-seon, The 182cm Striker Who was in Charge of the Forefront of Women's Soccer, Retires




Seoul City Hall Director Yoo Young-sil mentioned Park Eun-seon's future at Media Day, "I'm worried about filling the gap... Eun-seon will also like it if I fill it well."

Park Eun-sun, who played as a leading striker in Korea's women's soccer, left the field.

Yoo Young-sil, coach of women's professional soccer team Seoul City Hall, announced at the opening media day of the 'Divellon WK League 2024' held at the Soccer Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 12th that Park Eun-sun, who played a key role as the team's striker, has retired. 온라인카지노사이트

Coach Yoo said, “I was worried about how to replace Park Eun-seon in the player lineup (ahead of the opening),” and added, “I think Eun-seon would like it better if someone of a different color were to fill Eun-seon’s vacancy.”

Coach Yoo, who was close to Park Eun-seon during her active years as a roommate on the national team, met with Yonhap News after the event and said, "It is true that Eun-seon has retired."

In fact, Park Eun-sun was not included in the list of registered players for the 8 teams in the WK League for the 2024 season.

Kang Hye-rim, who attended the media day as a representative player of Seoul City Hall, also said, "It was an honor to be able to kick the ball with Eun-seon last year.

I enjoyed every moment to the point where even blocking shots is a part of my memory because I am a goalkeeper."

She continued: “It breaks my heart to leave.

“Last year, Eun-seon was a player who put in a lot of effort, including spending her own money to change the team atmosphere,” she said.

Park Eun-seon, 37 years old and born in 1986, was the star of Korean women’s soccer before Ji So-yeon (Seattle Reign).

She has been playing in the World Cup since 2003, when she was a high school student. participated in.

He was 16 years and 9 months old when he took part in the World Cup in the United States.

This was Korea's youngest record until Casey Eugene Fair (Angel City) broke it last year when he participated in the Australia-New Zealand World Cup at the age of 16 years and 1 month.

Park Eun-sun, who made her international debut against Hong Kong in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Women's Championship on June 8, 2003, left a deep impression on fans with her fearsome decisiveness, scoring four goals alone.

This tournament made her a rising star for Korean women's football, and the following year, 2004, she scored eight goals in the Under-20 Championships, where she was named the best player.

However, she caused a stir by leaving the national team convocation training twice in May 2006, and in February 2007, she left the overseas training of her team, Seoul City Hall, and quit exercising for six months. Time was also spent.

Park Eun-seon, who was given the unwelcome epithet 'Poongun-ah', held her heart and she lived in the dorm without leaving her since 2012.

The following year, WK League club coaches questioned his gender and requested a gender test, which caused him a lot of trouble.

Park Eun-sun received attention for her play that took advantage of her physique, which is rare among female players.

With her height of 182cm, Park Eun-sun has been at the forefront of Korea's team, overwhelming physical competition even against overseas players, including those from Europe.

Due to her unusually large height, she was sometimes the last line of defense, helping her maintain air superiority.

Colin Bell, coach of the women's national soccer team, called Eun-sun Park to last year's World Cup and Hangzhou Asian Games.

Coach Bell, who has been watching Eun-sun Park all along, judged that her extraordinary physicality was an element that could make a difference in the game, and consistently selected her.

However, coach Bell did not call Park Eun-sun after she left the national team due to a knee injury in October of last year.

Park Eun-sun wore the uniform for her national team and she played in 48 matches and scored 20 goals.