Reborn pretty daughter-in-law

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As soon as he got to the front, he saw many guests watching. At the same time,fine bubble diffuser, he looked at No.1 and said, "Elder brother, there is a small hole in the clothes on the boss's chest. I looked at it and found that a small white bone went through the clothes an

Chapter one hundred and eighty lost the golden bean. Lin Xiaoman was washing the dishes when he saw Gao Jianjun coming out of the East Room with a sullen face. "Xiaoman, give me the bowl and I'll wash it." "No, I've finished brushing both bowls." As she spoke, she put the bowl into the cupboard and asked, "What's the matter with you?"? Did Xiumei provoke you again? "Look at her and get angry." "I'm going back to my room," said Gao Jianjun sullenly. Lin Xiaoman looked at his back and shrugged his shoulders. It was depressing to have such a sister. Gao Ma came out without looking at her son. "Where is Jianjun?"? Back to the house? "Mmm." Lin Xiaoman turned around and answered, sweeping out the little water left in the big pot with a brush, "back to the house." Gao Ma sighed, "Xiaoman, Xiumei got married and bought a house. Mom wants to thank you.". You've been a great help. Lin Xiaoman smiled: "Nothing, she is also my sister!" " She took all the money, so why bother to say something unpleasant? Even if she was dissatisfied, she would only say it to Gao Jianjun. Well, if the child is half as sensible as you, I won't worry. Tell me about her, heartless, still so young, she's going to get married. Alas, how can I put my heart at ease? As soon as I didn't pay attention, I almost said "be a mother",lamella tube, but fortunately I didn't say the last word. Before Gao Ma knew it, his son had already told his daughter-in-law the truth. I have no choice but to ask others to pay for it and hide it. He can't do this kind of thing. What's more, if you really want to hide these months, when you give birth, you have to know that the so-called premature birth can deceive outsiders, but those close to you can't. Experienced people can tell whether the child is premature or normal. When the time comes, the wife will be happy to know! Lin Xiaoman said lightly, "In fact,disc air diffuser, Xiumei is just like this at home. If she is outside, she is very sensible." Someone spoils her at home, but who spoils her outside! If you are not sensible, you will become sensible after several things. Gao Ma looked at her expression is very satisfied, "Xiaoman ah, mother is most satisfied to marry you this daughter-in-law, you are our old Gao family's lucky star ah!" She leaned close to Lin Xiaoman and said in a low voice, "Xiao Si has told me. Don't worry. Even if Li Xiufen comes to me and says she wants to buy a house for me in the city and arrange work for our family, I won't talk to her.". At the beginning, I didn't like her. Jianjun was still young at that time. Lin Xiaoman interrupted her, "Mom, look, where is this Hymie?"? You can't put it here. There's moisture in the room when cooking, and it will be damaged if you put it here again. Although she hated Li Xiufen, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,multi disc screw press, she did not want to hear from Gao Ma that she had said something bad about her. If Gao Ma knew what the Li family had done, it would be understandable to say something bad about her in anger, but on the premise that she did not know what the Li family had done to herself, she said this, which made her feel very uncomfortable, as if one day she would say it behind her back. Ah, just put this in the shed and freeze it. Gao Ma carried the bag into the shed, and soon turned back, forgetting about it. She talked about Gao Xiumei again, "The new house is not far from the school. There are two houses in the east and west, with a small courtyard. Let Jianjun take you to have a look tomorrow.". I told Xiumei not to forget her brother and sister-in-law's kindness to her. Lin Xiaoman said with a smile, "We're all family members. You don't have to be so polite." "No, she must remember, or she will have no conscience."? Xiumei is not that kind of person, she is spoiled, temper is not very sensible, but to say that there is a bad heart? Then she didn't. Perhaps in the hearts of all mothers, their children are the best in the world. Lin Xiaoman thought, my parents used to be like this. There is no reason to spoil children. But I do my best, not like this. She complained in her heart that Gao Ma was saying nothing more than to thank her for being so generous as a sister-in-law. Lin Xiaoman was silent until he cleaned up the kitchen and swept the floor. Then he scooped up water and washed his hands. "Mom, I finished cleaning up. I'm a little tired by car today. I'll go back to the house first." Gao Ma shut up shyly. "Then go back quickly and rest earlier. Let Jianjun take you to the new house tomorrow.". "I've got the money, so I have to see how the house is."? All right? Lin Xiaoman returned to the house, first took out the clam oil and put a layer on his hand, then kicked Gao Jianjun's leg on the ground, "Hey, pour me a basin of water?"? I want to soak my feet. Gao Jianjun sat up and pointed to her hand and said, "Do you still wipe this when you wash your feet?" "Don't forget that." Gao Jianjun muttered, "I think you did it on purpose." Lin Xiaoman lifted his eyelids. "Don't you want to?" "No, no, I'm afraid to make our mother look unhappy!"! You can order me at home, but she should be distressed to order her son here. Lin Xiaoman snorted, "I just let you help pour water once, which dare to order you ah." She stood up to go out. "I dare not use you. Can I go back by myself?" Gao Jianjun quickly stopped her and picked her up and sat on the Kang. "I'll go. You were tired of washing dishes and sweeping the floor just now. I'll pour water for you." Looking at his back when he went out, Lin Xiaoman couldn't help being happy. When Gao Jianjun heard the clear laughter coming from the room, he couldn't help laughing. He knew that his wife was either really angry or playing with him. He is also willing to joke with his wife like this, so that life is more interesting! Gao Ma heard the voice. "What are you doing?" "Wash your feet." When Gao Ma heard this, she looked around and said stealthily, "Just now I had a nice talk with your daughter-in-law. I thanked her for buying a house for Xiumei." Gao Jianjun thought, no wonder she deliberately wanted to torment me, you are not making her unhappy! The money was not spent happily, and then my mother had to talk about it several times when she was free. She couldn't forget it even if she wanted to. It would be strange if she could be happy! "Mom, we're all a family. You don't have to mention it all the time. Just put it in your heart." Gao Jianjun picked up the basin and was about to leave. After thinking about it, he put it down again and whispered, "Mom, I won't say anything about your love for Xiumei,filter nozzle, but you have to take care of what you should take care of.". What I said in the evening was not a joke, and I was really worried about her. If you don't understand this, can you live a good life in the future? 。

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