Nine Countries Night Snow Series

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He's been gone for a few years." One day,cattle weight tape, as soon as she uncovered the tiles on the roof of the inn, she looked into Bai Lian's menacing eyes and said, Hello! Stalker Kirin! What the hell do you want?

Liu Feiyin sneered: "He dares!"! Even if he is dead, even if the poor fall to the afterlife, even if he is scared out of his wits, this uncle also wants to put him together! If you don't torture him for hundreds of lifetimes, this uncle won't let him go! "If you come here to look for the Kirin, you must bear the wrath of the God of the Kirin!"! He deserves it! "Get out of here! I don't believe in unicorns, and I don't believe in women!" Xiao Lin was shocked by the ruthless look in his eyes and let go of his horrible hand. There was more and more blood on the snow, and Liu Feiyin dug the snow without saying a word. Xiao Lin sat beside him and stared at him. Liu Feiyin had long seen that she was a woman, although her words and deeds were no different from those of a lively teenager. In such an isolated town, teenagers whose parents are gone are more likely to survive than young girls. The boundless cloud head gradually pressed down, the white snow reflected the deep ash, between heaven and earth seemed to be splashed with thick ink, is the snowstorm coming. Xiao Lin remembered the day she met Aunt Yueji, and it was the same. The colors between heaven and earth are silent and desperate. The smiling beauty came up to her. Yueji is half human and half unicorn, covered with pale golden scales, the horn on her forehead has disappeared, leaving a red jujube scar, blood is oozing out, falling on the snow at her feet. It must have hurt, but Yueji was smiling,tape measure clip, so she wasn't afraid at all. Yueji said, "Liner, it doesn't matter. This wound is left by the person I love, so I also like it." Because he gave you, so it is the best, whether it is good or bad, it is what she wants. In this world,Pi tape measure, the love on the lips of both men and women is not credible. All they love is themselves. Xiaolin does not understand why this looks very unreliable Liu Gongzi can do this for a friend, has forgotten, but also can not let go, for a person can not even live. You must be frozen silly. The red on the snow became more and more dazzling, and when Xiaolin was about to turn around and go back to town, the man who was still in a crazy state plunged into the snow in vain. "Perhaps she is the only one left in this world who can die without any worries." When Bai Qingming woke up, he was lying in a gauze tent. Outside the tent was a spacious stone room. The stone room was inlaid with luminous pearls. The room was filled with a faint white lotus fragrance, which must have been mixed with sleeping herbs. That's why he slept so deeply. I don't know how long he slept. Are you awake? The sweet and smiling voice in my memory rang out. Bai Qingming shook slightly and wanted to get up, but he had no strength. He could only say apologetically, "Miss Yueji, I can't get up to thank you." She is the Kirin Yueji who has lived on the Kirin Snow for more than ten years. Avalanches are common on this mountain, and the sealing stone on the cave house has been cracked for some years, but I didn't expect a beautiful man to fall down this time. When I looked carefully, the outline of his eyebrows and eyes was quite familiar, Fiberglass tape measure ,Horse weight lbs, and it turned out to be a visit from an old friend. Compared with before, Miss Yueji has not changed. She is still beautiful and beautiful, with a smile in her eyes. She is used to wearing an apricot yellow shirt, burning the white lotus fragrance she loves. But Bai Qingming has never seen the real body of Yueji. Her skin is covered with light golden scales. The scar on her forehead is still bright red and can not heal. She smiled and sighed, "You child, you used to have such a mild temper, but now it seems that you have lost a lot of hair.". In the past, only your Elder Martial Brother Cold Dew was inseparable from you. His temper was even weaker. I thought Bai Lian chose him to be the Soul Master, but I didn't expect to choose you. Remembering Bai Hanlu, who was far away, he smiled faintly and said, "Shifu originally wanted to choose Cold Dew Elder Martial Brotherthers. It's probably an act of God." He didn't want to mention the twists and turns at that time. It was all a muddled account. When Yueji saw him with a bitter look on his face, she also knew that it was not a good memory, so she stopped asking and went to the stove to add incense. The wound on your chest is a wolf bone and a sword sleeve. Women have tears. Stabbed. Moon Ji is very familiar with this kind of wound, because when Bai Lian came to her, it was like this. The only difference is that his wound is in the abdomen, like a natural blood spring, which can not be healed. Bai Qingming knew that this kind of thing could not hide from her, so he smiled and said, "Miss Yueji really has a good eye." Yueji sighed lightly, and the fragrance in the room became stronger. "As you can see, I don't have a unicorn horn anymore. It will take me a hundred and eighty years to grow up. I can't help you." "If there were no unicorn horn, I would be injured." "If you only touch the tears of your lover, it will only make you lose the blood of the soul-sealing master, and the wound will not heal.". It is a pity. Hurt you is the Wolf Bone Sword. Your wound won't last much longer. Bai Qingming nodded slightly, but his handsome eyebrows and eyes did not panic. Moon Ji looked at him like this, also relaxed a lot, nodded appreciatively: "You this child can be open-minded, this body is just a body, leave this body and enter another body, you cross so many souls, this should be more thorough than anyone else." "I'm all right." Bai Qingming paused and laughed again, "but if I can really die in a natural and unrestrained way, someone will go to heaven and earth and not let me go." Yueji was stunned, thinking of his words and feeling sad. Kirin has an endless life span. For thousands of years, she has traveled all over the world as a mortal woman. She has met so many people and seen all the joys and sorrows of flowers. This is the sorrow of mortals, just a few decades of reincarnation, experiencing birth, old age, illness and death, suffering unspeakably. It's not that she hasn't made friends with mortals. There was once a woman who married Jin Lan with her, but it seemed to her that the woman was just a moment of sighing from a cardamom girl to an old woman. Perhaps she is the only one left in the world who can die without any worries. If she really dies, how long will Bai Lian remember her? Tsukihime touched the wound on her forehead and lowered her voice, as if afraid of waking something up. "Pure Brightness, your master.". Are you all right? "He's been gone for a few years." One day,cattle weight tape, as soon as she uncovered the tiles on the roof of the inn, she looked into Bai Lian's menacing eyes and said, Hello! Stalker Kirin! What the hell do you want? 」。