Melancholy Ran Ran to the end of a thousand mountains

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Feeling that kind of churning blood, Lin moved softly to himself, the mink has been in deep seclusion for four months,China spa factory, if there is no big accident, I am afraid it should soon be out of the customs. And when the time comes, the mink will be a real demon mink standing at th

I don't know why, Song Yuyao only said four words at that time, but I was convinced as if I had taken a reassuring pill. When my parents mentioned the move at the dinner table, I was very calm. Afterwards, when I saw Song Yuyao on the second floor of my own building, I immediately sighed with emotion that Song Yuyao did not deceive me and did not leave. I just moved downstairs to my house. I very admire my early calm, not holding Song Yuyao's collar, toward his hoarse roar: "Why waste my feelings!" " In fact, I didn't have the guts, and then I was bought very cheaply by the box of doughnuts. Song Yuyao looked at my happy face biting the doughnut and sneered, "You look more and more like a rabbit." He responded with a doughnut, and I rolled my eyes. "It's my dog. It doesn't look like me. Does it look like you?" Song Yuyao retorted: "The rabbit is most like me!"! You're just a little bit like. …… I'm a little bit like.. -_-# So, for the "move" this word, I really have a deep feeling, happened to my home across the door of the couple is preparing to buy a house, naturally I put forward their own guess. That compartment, Song Yuyao half ring did not answer, just a strong hand kept stroking the rabbit's white hair,outdoor endless pool, looking at the rabbit's face as comfortable, I can not help but spit on this dog really TM no moral integrity! A little aware of the instability of the situation, I was a little anxious, "where to move?" Looking up, Song Yuyao's dark eyes dodged my eyes. "Maybe it's other cities." Turning around, I pulled the rabbit's hair with some uneasiness, but still answered with a calm face,massage bathtub manufacturers, "En." Perhaps I also felt the unusual atmosphere between Song Zhengtai and me, and the rabbit's understanding destruction of me changed from sobs to silence. But the scene that others saw was not as tragic as our parting of life and death, but a shame: how did these two little P children put their hands on a wolf dog, seemingly … … And. A silent joy in it. Moreover, I was still very calm holding the rabbit and said to Song Yuyao: "Ah Yu, you take the rabbit away. If you miss me in the future, just look at the rabbit. Anyway, you said I was very similar to it." Two days ago, I took a glance at the price of dog food. It seems that it has gone up again. I guess I can't even keep myself alive. If this dog follows me, I'm afraid it won't be long. Song Yuyao looked at me in silence. I was used to his silence. I couldn't help saying that I gave him a rabbit with a tongue sticking out and a happy face. I couldn't help it. My baby was deeply infatuated with Song Yuyao. How could I feel? Song Yuyao still opened his mouth, "I will take good care of it." Unexpectedly, I felt that Song Yuyao's eyes looked at my unexpected fervor, "I will take care of it as our son." Um. -_-||| Ten years later, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,4 person jacuzzi, I am thinking that the snow-white dog has now become an old dog who is hobbling and trembling when eating. Song Yuyao just answered softly: "Well, very good." Then I remembered the words "I will take care of it as if it were our son" and immediately blushed. I lowered my head and found that the stone under my feet was round today! "Why am I missing?" Song finally said more than three words, and I was a little excited and looked at him doubtfully. "I mean, why don't you ask me how I'm doing?" I was speechless looking at someone with a face of grievance and righteous words, standing in front of me alive, do you think you have a good life?! "Ling ran, see you have a bad life, I also have a bad life." Low words deeply in my heart like a pool of stagnant water slightly filled with waves, I have some guilty opening: "I have a very good..." "Really?" Suddenly feeling a strong sense of oppression, I suddenly looked up and saw Song Yuyao's handsome face close at hand, I could still feel his warm breath, and I could see that the beautiful Danfeng eyes were firmly locked in me. Subconsciously, I retreated, and Song Yuyao followed me closely. I dodged his hot eyes and said hurriedly, "I'm fine except that my father was abducted by a mistress." That pair of black eyes flashed a trace of inexplicable sadness, but only a moment, perhaps I was wrong. I won't leave again. Gentle murmur, but fell in my ear like a thousand pounds, Song Yuyao like I walked closer. Some of the warmth extended to the limbs and bones, and my mind was so hot that I forgot to react. Song Yuyao looked at my stupefied expression, slowly lowered his head to me, slowly, as if he wanted to get close to my lips. I looked at the eyelashes above the eyes trembling, with an indescribable meaning, and the thin lips and eyes with beautiful lines were about to fall on me. Face. As soon as I was nervous and shivered, I stepped back and pulled away from him deeply. But I forgot that we were walking by the lake, without railings and any precautions, so I exerted too much force, and the stones under my feet slipped. It all happened between lightning and thunder. Then I leaned back in a perfect parabola in the frightened eyes of someone, and before I could catch Song Yu Yaoxuan's hand in the air, I felt a piercing coldness. I think I fell into the water. Come on, someone jumped into the lake and committed suicide! After falling into the water I always feel that I have been very bad recently, but I never thought of such a disaster! I just felt a splash, the water rushed to me all over the sky, I struggled to go up, but it sank straight, the cold water kept pouring into my mouth, nose, ears, the irrepressible sense of panic suddenly hit, I seemed to be able to see the horizontal plane above the air,whirlpool bathtub, shaking, until the sense of suffocation surged all over my body.. I think I am the first person in the history who fell into the lake carelessly because of kissing. I think even if I die, I will have to bear the name of suicide because of love. It is too dead and too entangled.

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