Drunk three thousand, usurp the heart queen

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There are 1198000000 vast worlds inside the Heavenly Palace, as long as 1198000000 vast worlds are injected into life, so that they can truly become a world,mobile racking systems, the beautiful Heavenly Palace may evolve into a real universe, a universe comparable to the original universe

Before the man had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Wei Jing's deep voice. Ling Lan congealed her again, moved her lips, seemed to want to say something else, and finally only said, "OK, you rest!" Then he turned and went out, not forgetting to help her close the door. When the footsteps were far away, Wei Jing fell down on the chair beside him. He rolled up his wide sleeves and his wrists were covered with red spots without accident. Blood-like color, on the white skin, is very conspicuous. Itchy, extremely itchy! It's like having thousands of ants tearing at the skin. Sure enough! Sure enough, it is! Sure enough, the man's medicine was prepared for her. Medicine for avoiding children! Sure enough, it was the medicine carefully prepared for her to avoid her son! With a wry smile, Wei Jing put down his sleeve to cover his arm, which was getting more and more red, and forced himself to grit his teeth. With that strange itch, the taste in the heart is already unknown. Ling Lan went to the pharmacy to open the prescription, which was originally just a common prescription for nourishing Qi and enriching the blood. But it suddenly occurred to her that if one more medicine, Yun Li, was added to the prescription. Then, the effect of this decoction will be one more. Enrich the blood and nourish qi, as well as contraception! But the Yun Li single use is the solid blood, she knew that the man carries with him, he carries with him in the small porcelain bottle. So when she was outside the pharmacy in the morning, she hid behind a tree and didn't come out. Because she wasn't sure who the potion was for! In fact, even if she was given a drink,asrs warehouse, it was nothing, just very strange, at that moment, she hoped not! So, she is waiting, watching, waiting for a man to give her an answer. Finally, he gave it! In this prescription for nourishing Qi and enriching the blood, there is an herb called Lithospermum erythrorhizon. But she was allergic to the herb Lithospermum. ........ Thank you [84964695] [Feather Martyr Demon] for your purse ~ thank you [1933889243] for your diamond ~ thank you [little white darling 1211] for your flower ~ Thank you [84964695] [Ivy at the end of summer] [Feather Martyr Demon] [that girl 6116] [Rainstorm Listen] for the monthly ticket ~ Love you, crazy ~ 119. [119] She's afraid of water! In this prescription for nourishing Qi and enriching the blood, there is an herb called Lithospermum erythrorhizon. But she was allergic to the herb Lithospermum. She doesn't understand. Isn't it just a medicine for avoiding children? As for going to all that trouble? Just take a bag of medicine in the pharmacy, why do you have to match this with that? Even if you tell her the truth, it's nothing, isn't it? Hasn't he often said and done too much to her since he knew him? He's not worried that talking to her will hurt her? Besides, mobile racking systems ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, how can it hurt when two people have no love? It was so itchy that she couldn't help scratching her arm, but she didn't want to not only stop the itching, but also make the place she had scratched more burning and painful. She frowned and closed her eyes, trying to hold back the feeling that life was worse than death. He was hesitating to go to the pharmacy for some anti-allergic medicine when he heard a sharp knock on the door. The right prime minister's wife, the Villa Leader asked the maidservant to come and inform him that the queen had come to Xiaoying Villa and asked the lady to go to the front yard with the right prime minister. The Emperor and the Queen? Wei Jing was startled and suddenly opened his eyes, thinking that he had misheard. He got up from his seat and rushed to the door to pull it open. Door : "Who did you say is here?" Her eagerness startled the maidservant for a moment before she replied, "The present emperor and empress!" Wei Jing was shocked. Jin Xian and Wei Qing! They're here, too? Why is it so haunting? "I know." With a frown between her eyebrows, she returned to the wing, searched and searched in the closet for the robe that the maid had prepared for her last night, and found a set of green brocade shirts and skirts to change into. Usually, she hardly wore such bright colors, but only this one had a vertical collar and long sleeves that almost covered the back of her hand. As soon as I walked out of the door, I saw the other end of the veranda, Ling Lan had changed into a gilded black robe, and her footsteps were coming in her direction. She was slightly stunned, thinking that perhaps he wanted to show his identity as the right prime minister in front of the brocade string, so he deliberately changed his body. It is such a man who takes every step and does everything with his purpose and intention. She really needs to learn. The man originally lowered his eyebrows and eyes, seemed to be thinking about something, inadvertently raised his eyes, suddenly saw her, footsteps slightly. A touch of light passed quickly through his dark eyes, and he stared at her for a moment, and then continued to walk towards her. Walking up to him, the man naturally stretched out his hand, as if he wanted to wrap her wrist, but she turned around and walked forward before him. The man's big hand brushed her long sleeves. She thought that he would come forward as usual and twist her wrist again. Unexpected, no! He didn't say anything, he didn't do anything, he just walked behind him. Although he could not see the expression on his face and did not know what he was thinking, Wei Jing could still feel the deep gaze of the man behind him, but she had no time to take it into account. Because she's really, really upset. The body is extremely itchy, coupled with walking, the friction of clothes is to aggravate the itching of bone erosion. She gritted her teeth and endured it, clenching and clenching her little hands under her sleeves, piercing her long nails into her palms, and the sharp pain came from her palms, but Rao was not able to alleviate the itching. Steady footsteps followed her step by step, and she suddenly had an impulse to ask. Suddenly he turned around and faced the man. The man's footsteps stagnated and looked at her. She was about to open her mouth when she heard a deep male voice coming from not far away: "Big Brother!" Both of them were stunned, and Wei Jing looked back in astonishment and saw a large group of people walking slowly into the gate of the front yard. There are Ying Jun Ao, Jin Xian, Wei Qing, the guard commander surnamed Ye beside Jin Xian, the Chamberlain eunuch Zhao Xian,cantilever racking system, and.. Zuo Xiang Chasing the Dawn at Night 。 Bian Yan. Wei Jing pupil slightly a convergence, she, unexpectedly also followed the brocade string to come together! tang。 jracking.com

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