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Original Title: Glamorous Seamstress Returns with Hatred, See How Actress Kate Winslet Takes Revenge Today, the webmaster would like to recommend an Australian movie "Dress Maker", which is adapted from a best-selling book. Oscar-winning British actress Kate Winslet plays the heroine, while the rest of the main cast, Liam Hemsworth, Judy Davis and Hugo Weaving, are all from Australia. This movie has made me more convinced of the saying that obstinate people come out of the poor mountains and rivers. I'm back, mother***ers. At the beginning of the film, Tilly, a tailor who was sent away from her hometown as a child,retractable tape measure sewing, returns from Europe. She was fashionably dressed, exuding the professionalism of a female designer, and said coldly, "I'm back,garment measuring tape, bastards." The flaming red lips of swallowing and puffing, the sexy skirts that fascinated the men on the court.. All this makes Tilly the royal sister. Expand the full text Beneath such a bright exterior is a scarred childhood: her mother was spurned, she was bullied and framed for murder, so that she was sent away from her hometown. I'm back, mother***ers! She's back. Alone, but a team. Unruly people come out of poor mountains and rivers The story takes place in a backwater town. Small towns are backward, apathetic, benighted and ignorant. It is said that three points depend on appearance and seven points depend on dress. The female designer, seamstress measuring tape ,keychain tape measure, who has returned from Europe, tailors clothes for the people in the town, puts on gorgeous clothes for the ugly people, and makes them change from ugly ducklings to white swans. The status of the heroine Tilly was suddenly revealed. However, although these women have the appearance of beauty, but the heart is still ignorant and dirty. The testimony of Tilly's crime is ridiculous, the mother abandoned by the man is still spurned, the woman's favorite man died accidentally in order to prove that she was not cursed, the wife who lost her son was deceived by her husband, and the guard with transvestite was afraid to be himself because he was afraid of gossip. They are ignorant, they are ungrateful. You haven't seen the real trash. Her mother and boyfriend died one after another, she fought alone, she finally despaired and saw clearly, and finally she could not surrender to the fate of "being cursed". When people in the town wore her costumes to perform, a red carpet poured down the front door of the woman's house. I thought it was a ritual for the Queen of Revenge to walk on the red carpet, but I didn't think it was gasoline on the red carpet. The fire spread down the red carpet and eventually spread to the houses of the town residents. On the bus, Tilly watched the fierce fire from a distance. The conductor saw the scene and said, "Maybe they're burning garbage, but they're going too far." "You haven't seen any real garbage," Tilly replied coldly. Her indifference is like the indifference at the beginning of her film, and her indifference is like the indifference of the townspeople. How terrible is ignorance, how terrible is gossip. Similar plots include the domestic film "Killing", in which a group of people drive a person to a dead end, and the Italian film "The Beautiful Legend of Sicily", in which a group of people drive a woman into prostitution. The heroine is not a white lotus flower in the flourishing age, she takes revenge, she also becomes indifferent,custom tape measure, such a plot really makes people happy. Wonderful recommendations in the past British TV series with a score of more than 9.0 on Douban every season, see how the royal lawyers deal with it Are your tickets ready for the movies worth looking forward to in the next ten days? Nie yuan: Whether he is popular again or not, he has always been an actor with online acting skills. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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