Night Talk of Ghost Talk _ Ning Hangyi

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Originally published as "Tell my family I'm alive!" Qixia Geocentric Rescue, Behind the Miracle of Life: Go All Out Inoue

"If at the beginning, the four of them had called the police immediately after the accident and bravely admitted their fault, maybe Xu Wenting (Zheng Jie) would not have had such a big resentment against them."; On the other hand, if Xu Wenting can untie the knot and realize that this is just an accident, the four of them are certainly at fault, but if the crime is not to die, how can she become a crazy murderer, and finally go on the road of no return? "Why do people always get used to making mistakes?" The professor said profoundly. After listening to Professor Lan's words, the two students were lost in thought. All right, boys, after listening to this story, you should be inspired, right? The professor stood up and said with a smile. Wait, professor, you.. Aren't you going to go on? The checkered boy asked anxiously. Why do you still want to hear it? Professor, the story you just told is naturally very exciting and full of suspense and horror. But, to a greater extent,Industrial pallet rack, we think it's a tragic story.. Didn't you say you would go on with the second story as long as we weren't frightened? Said the tall boy. Professor Lan looked at them with his deep eyes. Are you sure you want to keep listening? "Yes, Professor." The two students said firmly. Fine Professor Lan sat down. "Then I'll start with the second story. This one is even scarier than the last one. You have to be prepared." www。 xiaoshuotxt。 Comtxt = Xiao _ say [_ days. Don Chapter 7 The Second Story Black Secrets (1) One When Nie Ming woke up from the hospital, he was surrounded by relatives. Nie Ming! Are you awake? Surprised and overjoyed, the mother grabbed her son's hand and asked anxiously. Nie Ming looked at the concerned relatives around him with a dull expression: father, mother, uncle, cousin.. He didn't understand what had happened to him? "Mom,Drive in racking system, Dad, what's wrong with me?" Nie Ming saw the bandaged arm with a blank face. Son, do you remember us? The doctor was worried that you would lose your memory if you were hit in the head! Oh. Thank God! Mother covered her face and began to cry. Nie Ming, have you forgotten what happened? But no wonder, you've been in a coma for six days since you were rescued! The father sat beside the hospital bed and looked at his son sadly. If I had known, I should not have let you join a tour group! But fortunately, it's all over. Cousin looked at Nie Ming and said. Tour group? Nie Ming frowned, and he remembered something. Yes, it started with this spontaneous trip. A week ago, Nie Ming, who was at home on vacation, received a phone call from Yu Cheng, Cantilever Storage rack ,Narrow aisle rack, a good friend who grew up together. What? Travel to Xishuangbanna? Nie Ming, who loves outdoor sports, came to the spirit. How about that? Not a bad idea, is it? Yu Cheng said. You don't work? "The company is on vacation these days. If I'm not wrong, should your school be on summer vacation?" "Well.." You mean, both of us? I wouldn't mind if you took a pretty lady with you. I'm single anyway. All right, I'm alone, too. When are you going? "Tomorrow, with the tour group." Tomorrow.. In such a hurry? "What are you doing?" "No, I'm fine." Then what are you hesitating about? Get ready now! "How much does it cost to join the tour?" Go out with me and you're worried about the cost of the trip? I'll pay for you. Yu Cheng said generously. This It's not all right. Nie Ming felt a little sorry to let his friend buy such a big order. All right! Why are you so polite to me? Who told you to be a poor teacher! Tomorrow morning at 8:30, see you at the Oriental Travel Agency. Just bring a change of clothes and personal belongings. Goodbye Yu Cheng hung up the phone. Nie Ming put down the phone and shook his head with a smile-this guy is still so arbitrary. But it's a pretty good friend. In fact, for Yu Cheng, paying one or two travel expenses is really nothing to him-the Yu family does not know from which generation to start the family, for hundreds of years, has been a rich man in this city. Yu Cheng's father died early, and now, as the eldest son of the Yu family, Yu Cheng is the heir of the entire Yu consortium. But Yu Cheng is a strange person, he is different from the general rich and powerful family, does not like to live a privileged life, but is willing to be an ordinary person. Yu Cheng handed over the management of Yu's family property to his mother, but instead he went to work in another small company-sometimes, Nie Ming felt that his good friend was really a strange person. But anyway, Yu Cheng's proposal is really not bad, especially for Nie Ming, who has just been tired for a semester-it's time to have a good rest. Before becoming a high school teacher, Nie Ming never thought his life would be so hard. He felt that in his year of work, what he did every day was how busy he was. Now, after the summer vacation, it's time to have a good time. Nie Ming is twenty-five years old, tall and straight, handsome, with a pair of bright and deep eyes, and now lives with his parents. He told his parents that he was going to travel, and then went shopping for some daily necessities to prepare for going out. The next morning, Nie Ming rushed to the travel agency with his travel bag. He met Yu Cheng at the door. When you're alone, get in the car. Yu Cheng helped Nie Ming carry the bag. Their city is not very far from Xishuangbanna, and it only takes one and a half days to get there by car. What the tour group prepared was a medium-sized van, accompanied by a total of 19 tourists, plus the tour guide and driver,warehouse rack manufacturer, a total of 21 people. The bus began to drive, and the tour guide introduced the itinerary, accommodation and other arrangements to the passengers. Nie Ming could see that everyone on the bus was in as good a mood as he was. No one could have imagined that this trip would be the worst nightmare of their lives.