The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

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Originally published as "Tell my family I'm alive!" Qixia Geocentric Rescue, Behind the Miracle of Life: Go All Out Inoue

Previously experienced a lot of plots, those who think that the three views are very positive, but Ziqing has never seen anyone so loyal and persistent to guard a person. Zi Qing knew the plot, and soon someone came to save them. But she still could not convince herself to stay in the harbor built by the other side like the original owner, just crying to face it. Zi Qing began to struggle violently. Cheng Hao was in a hurry, clenching his teeth tightly, and his voice seemed to jump out of his teeth. "Don't move, the fire will burn you later." Zi Qing's attribute value did not enter the task world, but just moved, it seems that the original owner's body is not as weak as imagined. Also, otherwise how can she bear to be with four or five men every day. Yes, this is a piece of NP Xiaowen who is absolutely sweet. Therefore, the shaping of the heroine is generally weak and soft in appearance, but in fact, the bearing capacity is very strong. Zi Qing no matter the plot, no matter how much willpower she used to resist the plot suppression in her struggle, finally, she directly overturned Cheng Hao, stuffed into the small space she had just stayed in, and then occupied the previous position of Cheng Hao. Hiss, it hurts. But still able to bear, Ziqing gritted her teeth and insisted! Zi Qing felt the sound of being licked by the flames on her back, and soon there was the smell of barbecue. She sighed in her heart that she was really a bitch. Her previous task was to crush the plot so that she had to bear the inhuman torture and pain. But now, obviously the plot is sweet, but she wants to go against the good intentions of the plot to be burned. What is this if it is not a bitch. Zi Qing despised herself again in her heart! Fortunately, the plot gentleman is very trustworthy, so Ziqing was only burned for a while, and someone came to save them. When Ziqing opened her eyes again, she saw several beautiful and handsome men around her. They all looked at her affectionately with concerned eyes and extremely distressed eyes, and asked one after another. Chapter 624 is not ready (plus 37). Nini and every man here have had an unforgettable experience of escape, which is a relationship that has experienced life and death and can stand the test. So when each of them comes forward to talk to Ziqing, Ziqing's mind will come up with a picture. Those experiences, even with the previous life and death with Cheng Hao, all confirm these people's unswerving love for Nini until death. So, they are really guarding their true love, Nini, with their lives. So Nini refused their love countless times, wanted to be as single-minded as ordinary people, but was moved by each other's more crazy behavior, so in the end, heavy duty racking system , she could not refuse their love. Every refusal is a greater harm to them. So Nini finally accepted their love. And they have reached an agreement with each other to own and protect Nini together. According to the original plot, it seems that this fire is the last touchstone of their love, and it is also the last thing that makes Nini put down all the secular shackles and finally agree to be with them. So Ziqing entered the plot at the last moment and let her witness the last love of "rebirth from the ashes". In fact, it makes her feel grateful and guilty, so she can't refuse. Moreover, these men are almost the absolute leader in their respective fields, so whether it is appearance or strength or the power they represent behind them, I am afraid it is difficult for a woman to refuse. Zi Qing is not the original owner, even though she has all the memories of the original owner, and even every action has a plot guide. So, in this task, she can easily complete the task given to her by Mr. System without even using her brain-just enjoy it. Extreme splendor and wealth, surrounded by all kinds of beautiful men, and.. Countless gorgeous scenes in the original plot. My God, stop talking. I'm going to drool. But Zi Qing. But did all this come a little too suddenly? There is no psychological preparation at all. Zi Qing even wondered if the system gentleman saw that he had no time to talk about love these years, so he put all kinds of best men together and let himself enjoy enough at one time? But, but.. I'm really not ready. Zi Qing's expression became frightened. The body instinctively flinched back, but the back was burned by the fire, even with the specific medicine, it was only a few hours. Also did not heal completely, rub on dress material at this moment, very painful. As it happens, this pain makes Ziqing's heart more calm. What kind of counterattack mission is this? Do you need someone else to help you sleep with your own man to "enjoy yourself"? The original owner must be funny. Oh, no, the original owner must be sick in the head! Several people didn't expect Nini to wake up with such a big reaction, and they all looked at Cheng Hao reproachfully. The latter is also a face of guilt, constantly self-reproach, did not protect Nini. Zi Qing can see that these people are sincere and sincere. But it was because of this sincerity that she could not accept the present body. Zi Qing waved her hand in a panic and stammered, "My appearance is ruined now. I'm no longer worthy of you.". So I want to live alone. Cheng Hao, wrapped in white gauze, was the first to rush to the hospital bed. "Nini, what are you talking about?"? We like you as a person, not your appearance, you have to believe us, we are all sincere. Szeto Tian held Ziqing's hand affectionately and rubbed it gently on his cheek: "Nini, we have experienced so many things, don't you understand that you are already a part of my life?". I can't live without you. Yes, Nini, if you have a wound on your body, you don't deserve to be with us. Aren't the wounds on our bodies more ugly? Yuwen showed Ziqing the knife wounds on his body. Nini, don't leave us, please, otherwise, I can't live. A handsome and feminine man came to the head of the bed. Possessed, holding Ziqing head to kiss down. Zi Qing was so frightened that she cried out in a hurry. She pulled her hands back from the hands of the two men like crazy and slapped them at random: "No, don't, don't come over.." 。