One mom, four dads.

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Questioned by Chen Ge, the staff of Nightmare Academy hesitated. Now is not the time to discuss this! "By the way,

Dark charm is a little surprised, but did not think too much very quickly into the battle between men and women, he did not need to analyze how she suddenly changed, the red lips on his lips so hot that he could not think about the whole mind on that, how can he consider other things. The dark charm pulled the only underwear left and flew away from my body in an instant. Chapter 66 A pair of evil and beautiful eyes became more deep and gloomy because of the attractive naked body in front of them. It is clearly a deep desire. It's heavy and suffocating. Baby I gritted my teeth to myself and tried to hold back the trembling from the soles of my feet. The jade pillar propped up the soft and expensive suit pants, against my belly, a burst of hot and restless. I blushed and could only pretend to look at his green eyes as if nothing had happened. After thinking about it, I really can't do it! I, won't.. I don't know whether I regret it or not. I only hate that I want to fight with him in a moment of fever. Seeing that women always suffer losses when they do this kind of thing, why should I fight with him? As long as we delay as much time as possible, aren't Long Hee-chul and Ames following us? Just wait until they come up, can't they not compromise? Eyes slowly chagrin and embarrassment, now is the arrow on the string, how to do? The dark charm saw that the person who had just been unusually active was hesitating again in a twinkling of an eye, and saw that she had obviously flinched, and her eyes flashed, "Afraid?"? Just now it was an expression of heroic death! The dark charm is teasing with evil spirit, but the tone is unstable. Hum, I don't want it now, okay? Am I going to be happy to be cheated by you just because you say yes? I tried to ignore the situation in front of me and retorted coldly. Are you waiting for help? Che or evil? Scare! How do they know what I'm really up to? That's right. Talk to him as long as you can. I don't believe he'll want me in front of them. No, did he find out so soon? I'm a little scared. Doesn't the Pussycat understand the situation? Do you think Che and Xie will follow me? If they were behind me, how could they not come for so long? The dark charm stared at my frightened eyes with a smile, touched my back with one hand unscrupulously, and fondled it ambiguously. How did this happen? They're right behind us! I slanted my head and thought to myself. The game has begun,tin beneficiation plant, and obviously you haven't entered the situation yet! The dark charm said such a sentence and never gave me a chance to think again. What "" The dark charm turned over and pressed on my body again, and the evil thin lips did not hesitate to block my doubts, gnawing like a storm. Whoo.. Pain, this barbarian! As she licked and kissed my lips, she threw off her clothes three times and five times, and in an instant, they were naked and facing each other. The hot and dry feeling became more and more intense, and the ambiguous breath lingered all over my body. I stared round at the naked man's body in front of me. It was the first time I had seen a naked man, and although I knew the different structures of men and women, I was still amazed by the figure of the man in front of me. The firm and tight touch, the comparable figure of the geomancy model, and the proud desire to stand upright between the legs. With a faint purple-red color, coltan ore processing ,Carbon in Pulp, he held his head high and was ready to go. I closed my eyes in horror and sat up, trying to escape the terrible events that were coming. "" Let go of me. I glared at the man who was eating with relish, hoping that he knew something about himself. It was clear, however, that I had hoped too much, and he did not feel it at all. Instead, he reached out and reached into the private path. It was so tight that the dark charm frowned slightly. Although it was not the first time, it was still so tight that it was difficult for him to enter. The private land, which had not been picked for a long time, was contracted sensitively by the invasion of foreign bodies, trying to push them out. I shook my head from side to side with resistance, shouting silently for him to withdraw, and my clasped hands tried desperately to break away from the control of his big palm. The March becomes difficult to carry out. The dark charm has a trace of anger, the bloodshot desire can not be solved so that he becomes a trace of eagerness, the warm place seems to call him to make him hot and dry difficult to control, but my struggle makes his desire can not find an outlet can not be released. He pulled out his long and strong fingers, pulled open the bedside table slightly, and took out a small pill. Before I could see it clearly, he gave me a strong kiss and put it into my mouth. Of course, I would not submit obediently. I stretched out my tongue to push the pill out, but it was still no match for the experienced dark charm. What did you give me to eat? As soon as I saw the dark charm let go of my lips, I shouted. A good thing to keep the Pussycat Pussycat obedient. The dark charm licked my ear as he spoke. You No matter how ignorant I was, I knew that the pill must be something like aphrodisiac, and he gave me that kind of thing! I've already lost my virginity once because of that. Do I have to lose my virginity unconsciously for the second time? "Shh.." I know Pussycat was angry, and I wouldn't have given you that if you hadn't struggled just now. MD, is this my fault? My eyes were red with anger, and the mist was brewing, forming and dripping in my eyes. No, I don't want to cry. I don't want to cry in front of this man. But the tears are still rolling down, damn it, why are you crying? Why? "I won't forgive you, never." My voice trembled, and I sobbed. Yeah, I'll wait for the pussycat. Enjoy it now! Dark charm black eyebrow evilly a pick, stand up a thorn, into the already silk lubrication of the situation. Although she was already emotional, it was still too tight for him to move forward after only half of it. He frowned and watched her raise her head in discomfort from the sudden advance, and her green eyes became bright. He bent over to lick and kiss the attractive raspberries, which stood up sensitively,mineral flotation, his eyes darkened, he bit them gently with saliva, and he pinched the snow-white bulge outside his lips with one hand.