Love, two good and three bad

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Questioned by Chen Ge, the staff of Nightmare Academy hesitated. Now is not the time to discuss this! "By the way,

Two hours later, Aker was still explaining Apple's hardware and dedicated operating system to Atuo in the training office. It was a long time that Aker had never experienced before, because the young dean of students liked to ask questions, practice, and even pretend to be familiar, but it also allowed Aker to use all his skills and write down the strange questions that Ato asked. "Well, Apple's new system is very good, and even definitely better." A Tuo He patted Aker on the shoulder. "But you must still have a nirvana, right?" Yes, many computer viruses are designed for the operating systems that most people use. Once the computer is infected, nothing can be done. It's even worse if the data is washed away. In the case of schools, it's a disaster if the records are washed away. Although our operating system is used by relatively few people, computer viruses are very rare, and it is not ordinary luck to be poisoned. In addition,Oil Dropper Bottle, we have a perfect firewall and the most solid Unix system, so we can certainly save the high fixed cost of purchasing anti-virus software in schools, so.. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the old system !」 "Great. I'll definitely think about it." Atuo nodded and smiled. Ake's expression was still in the smile just now, but his heart was disappointed. It turns out that these two hours of hard work can only be exchanged for "second thoughts.". Ake smiled and packed up his things and asked Atuo to see him out of the training office. "I'll get in touch with you in three days,cosmetic packaging wholesale, whether I want to place an order or not." Atuo gave a thumbs-up. "No problem." Ake bowed politely. Ake looked around and could see no trace of Lesser Snow. This is also normal, after two hours, even if the light snow disappeared like every morning, it is not surprising, after all, people are monsters. When Aker was about to pick up his cell phone to summon the snow monster, a baseball rushed down to his head. The closer you get to the fool, the more animal intuition you have. Aker seems to smell the thread of the baseball, and without dodging, he catches the ball with his bare hands in an instant. "Huh?" Ake was dumbfounded. On the playground, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,glass cream jars, a group of boys were playing baseball in physical education class. A girl in civilian clothes raised her hands high and greeted Ake happily. Ake! Fight? Awesome ? The ball Xiaoxue put her hands on her cheeks and shouted, and all the students on the field looked at Ake. Aker, of course, was excited. He hadn't played baseball since college. It was harder than anything to get two teams together these days. Ake immediately dropped his backpack and computer and rushed to Xiaoxue's side. "Ake, it's the ninth inning. Our team is down by two runs and two outs. Come and save us!" Lesser Snow said. "Pitcher, do you dare to change!" Ake shouted deliberately, but his hands were so itchy that he picked up the bat directly. "It doesn't matter who comes. Three strikes will kill you!" The pitcher farts. Ake raised his stick with high morale, as if surrounded by golden fighting spirit. The pitcher looked down on the hill, chewing bubble gum. Koyuki looked at Ake with a murderous expression and almost forgot that this man was the same Ake who had struck out countless times in the batting cage. "Snow, do you remember what I said?" Ake held the stick high. The pitcher also raised his glove high, raised his feet, and raised the dust. "Remember what?" Xiaoxue asked questions in the back. "Don't look at the ball." Ake, breathe deeply. The pitcher threw the ball hard sideways, and the ball hit the batter's box quickly. "Look the pitcher in the eye!" Ake drank a lot. Then came the sound of a solid thud as the center of the ball was completely hit. Keng! The pitcher was dumbfounded and his neck was gradually thrown up. Ake grinned and handed the bat to Xiaoxue, pointing to the flying ball that gradually turned into tiny white spots in the sky. The fly ball finally dropped to the front of the training office and rolled to the feet of the director, Ato. "Home run." Ake laughed and ran around the court like an urchin. The pitcher was so angry that he lowered the brim of his hat. How could he know that Ake often competed with a 140-hour pitching machine. Atuo picked up the ball and threw it back into the court with a smile. The young man's enthusiasm seems to be real. No wonder Albus called him over. Atuo said to himself. Salesmen mostly say one thing and do half a thing. Only when there is a transaction can there be friendship, but it is difficult to arouse the resonance of Atuo without the enthusiasm of betting. He is such a person. Hit replaced by Lesser Snow, and the pitcher still looked disdainful. "Blow him up!" Ake shouted in the back. "Blow him up!" Lesser Snow also shouted, but waved a big empty stick. The pitcher blew bubbles and took the pass from the catcher. "Snow, eyes." Aker reminded me to stick to the theory of warm-blooded confrontation. "I know. It's not the bat versus the ball." Snow stuck out her tongue: "It's about the pitcher and the batter." What are you talking about? The pitcher muttered in his heart and threw the second pitch impatiently. It's a low ball. Xiaoxue's stick still swung hard and hit the upper edge of the ball. The ball hit the ground and rolled towards the third base. "Run!" Ake shouted, and Xiao Xue rushed to the first base with joy. The third baseman stepped forward to pick up the ground ball, but after all, it was only a baseball game of physical education class. When the third baseman made a fast pass to first base, he lost a fly ball. The ball went half a meter over the first baseman's head. It was a super big mistake. With the mistake, Xiaoxue easily ran to the second base, and she was very excited. When Ake was about to respond loudly, someone patted him on the shoulder, and when he looked back, it was Atuo, the dean of discipline. "Aker, can you ask Apple to provide teachers to give some simple lessons to our school teachers?" Atuo looked very enthusiastic and offered his hand. "Sure, no problem!" Ake was dumbfounded and took Atuo's hand. "Then, please prepare 20 basic imacs." Atuo said,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, patting Ake on the shoulder. No problem at all! Please leave it to me and I will try my best to get the biggest discount! Ake was pleasantly surprised. "If the after-sales service is the same as what you said, I will introduce other schools to use it. Look at the apple. Look at yours." Atuo smiled, and his smile always inspired anyone. The first business result was born in a home run and half a double.

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