Military Marriage Lingering: Big President, Little Sweet Soul Brother Chi Enen Li Beijue 3607 Zhang Yun

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Questioned by Chen Ge, the staff of Nightmare Academy hesitated. Now is not the time to discuss this! "By the way,

Li Beijue bought her a gift, which was not so expensive that she could not afford it, and Chi Enen was very happy. He went into the fitting room happily with his clothes in his arms. She just unbuttoned her shirt. The fitting room was suddenly opened from the outside. A tall figure suddenly pressed over. Li, Li Beijue.. How did you.. Come in? She stammered in amazement, forgetting to cover her chest, and reached out to push him, "Get out, get out." Such a push of her arm would only make the scenery on her chest more touching. Li Beijue's eyes gradually darkened and his breathing became heavy. He turned and locked the door of the fitting room, stretched out his arm, and trapped the dying woman between the walls. Bend over and stop the little mouth that is about to chatter! His kiss was gentle and domineering, Chi Enen's cheeks were flushed by his superb skills, and in a twinkling of an eye, his whole body was soft and could only climb on his neck. "Well.." The tip of her tongue was strongly raised by him and absorbed into her thin lips, occupying the sweetness in her mouth bit by bit. He seemed to have known that Chi Enen was powerless to resist, and deliberately picked up her fragrant tongue and brought it into his mouth, as if he were a good hunter,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, just enjoying his feast in his spare time. Chi Enen's hands and feet were soft and his cheeks were badly burned. She did not forget that there was a landlady outside, who must have seen Li Beijue come in, and did not know what to think in her heart. And here is to buy clothes, at any time someone may come to try on clothes, in case of encounter. Just thinking about it, her face was burning,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, red from her earlobes to her neck. The skin is also slightly pink with the natural reaction of the body. In the bosom is the nephrite warm fragrance, the nose end has the small woman on the body unique delicate fragrance, under this kind of situation also can hold, simply does not calculate the man! As soon as he tried to move, he pulled the wound in his waist and abdomen. He snorted and remembered what Si Shen had said. Never engage in strenuous exercise until the wound has scabbed again. Remember, male sports are also within the scope of intense sports! If the wound opens again after strenuous exercise, I have no choice but to operate. Surgery. You know, there's definitely a recovery period. That's not a matter of a month or two! His eagle eyes suddenly sank! Just pressed down the flames boiling in the lower abdomen! He breathed heavily and let go of the little woman in his arms. He lowered his voice and said hoarsely, "Don't move, wait for it to go down!" It could not be more obvious what it is. Chi Enen made a big red face, did not dare to move, quietly waiting for the thing on her thigh to go down. Fortunately, 30ml dropper bottle ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, that thing grows quickly and goes down quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, it has gone down. If that thing goes down, it doesn't mean the fire is out. The man got angry, but he didn't vent it. In fact, it was very uncomfortable to hold it. He bowed his head and kissed Chi Enen's red lips. He grabbed her left hand and kissed her on her ring finger. The warm touch of the ring finally made him restrain the irritable flame in his heart. But the woman he liked was so attractive in front of him that he could not guarantee that he would always be rational. His face tightened and his jaw moved slightly. "Change your clothes!" Chapter 230 Li Beijue is a goblin! Chi Enen saw that the burning flame in his eyes had finally cooled down, and his hanging heart was put back. No longer dare to say let him go out, embarrassed to stand there with clothes, do not know how to change. How to change it? You can't get naked in front of him and put on clothes, can you? But if you don't take it off, you can't wear it. As if the man with cold eyes did not see her cramped, he naturally lifted up his jacket, revealing the bandage on his waist and abdomen and the beautiful mermaid line, and took it off. Then his left hand fell on the zipper of his trousers. The fitting room was as big as a palm, and in such a narrow space, it was difficult for her not to pay attention to the man in front of her. Chi Enen's eyes fell uncontrollably on his beautiful waistcoat line, and like a crime, he hurriedly looked elsewhere. No sooner had she begun to say goodbye than her jaw was clamped and her head turned. Chi Enen, look at me! “……” What are you looking at him? Watch him take off his clothes? The tips of her ears are red. Li Beijue did not feel how strange his request was. His eyes were deep. He bowed his head and said, "I like you to look at me." "So, Chi En-en, look at me!" His voice is low and hoarse, which is very sexy. Chi Enen seemed to be bewitched, and his eyes were involuntarily pulled by him and fell on him again. Watch him unzip naturally and see his long straight and slender legs exposed to him. Li Beijue is really the same as he said, not shy at all, as if he really enjoyed the feeling of her gaze. Show her your body in a big way! Just looking at it was not enough. He also grabbed Chi Enen's hand and touched his chest to feel his heartbeat. "Did you hear that? It's happy." Did you hear that? It's happy! Chi Enen's heart is pounding, and the big one is about to shatter the eardrum! Li Beijue is not completely naked, he is actually wearing boxers. It's not the first time she's seen a man in a pair of underwear. After all, TV sports channels and seaside. Most of the men wear only a pair of swimming trunks. 、 She didn't feel anything when she looked at it before, but now Chi Enen couldn't control her heartbeat at all. She really had the feeling that she was bewitched by evil spirits. Do you like it? Just at this time, the goblin asked her questions. When Chi Enen came to his senses, his mouth blurted out, "I like it." As soon as the words came out, she wanted to give herself two slaps! Shit, she actually touched the man's chest while sighing like it. What a nymphomaniac! That's too much! Her cheeks were burning, but Li Beijue was in a good mood. His throat rolled with laughter, and his chest rose and fell. Chi Enen's hand was as hot as it was, and he didn't care so much and took it back with a whoosh. I I mean,Amber Dropper Bottles, it's a nice day. I like this kind of weather. Spring is beautiful, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. Now the city environment is really good, we should take good care of the environment for the sake of the blue sky. That one What to do? She can't make it up anymore!.

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