Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist-Rebirth of Xia Liuli

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To the top of the mountain, a rosy cloud jumped into view, the line of sight has been occupied by pink, peach blossoms everywhere and.

To the top of the mountain, a rosy cloud jumped into view, the line of sight has been occupied by pink, peach blossoms everywhere and. People. Choosing this time to come to Xiaojing Mountain, I don't know whether to enjoy flowers or people. The planning of Jinghu Park is good. Although the peach blossoms are beautiful, they can't stand climbing. The management also knows that there will be a lot of people taking pictures, so the gardeners make the branches of peach trees into many shapes, such as arch bridges, flower baskets, beds and so on. Visitors can also stand in the middle to take pictures, surrounded by peach blossoms, feeling quite good. When Liu Jia arrived at a place, he took a group photo with Zhou Ying, and he never got tired of it. Zhou Ying, why don't we rent Cosplay costumes, you move the princess and I play the prince, and we play the last scene of Sleeping Beauty. This guy got carried away, his words but offended two people, Lin Xu two throwing knives thrown over, he remembered the tragic experience of being forced when the drama was selected. Zhou Ying is a light look at him, men are all the same,phycocyanin spirulina, give him three colors to open a dyeing workshop! She chose to ignore Liu Jia's idiotic proposal and said, "Liuli, let's take a photo together." I agreed very cooperatively and took pictures with Zhou Ying, which made Liu Jia drool. Let's find a place to rest. I'm tired. Ye Lanshan's little face was already red from the sun, and his hands kept fanning. Today's weather is really good, sunny, but staying outside for a long time will also feel the sun. It's noon, not to mention the intensity of the sun. The most famous food in Xiaojing Lake is fish. It is said that the fish raised in Jinghu Lake are more delicious than those bought in the market. There is no pollution,jujube seed powder, and the water quality of Jinghu Lake is also excellent. In order to develop tourism, developers have built many pavilions and pavilions on the Mirror Lake, and then connected them with bamboo corridors, where various restaurants and snack bars look unique. Originally, the fish made by Jinghu Fishing Pavilion was the most famous, which had been broadcasted by the TV stations in C City. Unfortunately, when we went there, they were already full, and all of them were booked! But now the reservation time has been scheduled for the evening. We had no choice but to book a seat and come back in the evening, so we had to find a restaurant for lunch. C city for the mirror lake park propaganda, but the mirror lake water and Guilin landscape on a par, so to the mirror lake park to play, in addition to peach blossom must see, boating is also a necessary project. At the dock where the boat is rented, there are three kinds of boats that can be rented, fenugreek saponins ,turmeric extract powder, the small one is 15 yuan an hour for two people, the medium one is 30 yuan an hour for four people, and the big one is 35 yuan an hour. Now is the peak period of tourists, only a boat and a boat, Liu Jia eyes rolling, immediately decided to rent the two boats. Then he couldn't wait to pull Zhou Ying into a small boat. The big boat is so expensive. Why don't we wait and rent two small boats? Miss Ye is really Sima Zhao's heart is well known, but also excusable, who let her not see Lin Xu for so long. I did not speak, Chen Hao also has no opinion, the matter does not concern oneself to hang high, has any matter to let two litigants toss about, so as not to be unclear about the situation and offend people. Sure enough, Lin Xu objected, "Now there are so many tourists, I don't know how long it will take to wait for the boat, only 15 yuan more, it's not very expensive, that's it." Then he picked up his life jacket and put it on and went to the dock, looking like he was afraid that someone would just return a boat at this time, regardless of the leaves that he had hurt. Miss Ye bit her lip with grievance and followed Lin Xu silently. Chen Hao and I looked at each other and followed. a href = Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 43 Six Pedestrians Updated May 8, 2010 18:24:09 Words: 2666 Today's routine update. —————— Ye Lanshan got on the boat in front of me and Chen Hao and sat next to Lin Xu. Chen Hao and I sat side by side in the back. Chen Hao got on the boat first, and quite a gentleman stretched out his hand to help me. "Be careful.". ” "Chen Hao is really considerate. Whoever will be your girlfriend in the future will be blessed." Ye Lanshan finished with a meaningful smile at me. Chen Hao classmate is also a shy and well-behaved good child, she said so, no matter what the woman's intentions, anyway, he was embarrassed to lower his head to be shy for the first time. I understand Ye Lanshan's mood at this moment very well. Although she was sitting next to her dream lover, Lin Xu didn't mean anything to her. When she got on the boat, she didn't lend a helping hand or say'be careful '. So when Chen Hao said so, Miss Ye's heart was not balanced. Could it be that her social status was not as good as that of a naughty girl in junior high school. Despite a run on the bank, I smiled politely and said to Chen Hao, "Thank you." He has no grace. I can't be rude, right. Lin Xu sat on the left side of the front row, and Chen Hao sat on the right side of the back row. The two boys rowed hard with oars. Ye Lanshan and I were more relaxed, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way. Well, it should be said that when I was enjoying the scenery, I accidentally found Miss Ye admiring the handsome guy. Liu Jia did not know where to row the boat, I think he is absolutely premeditated and planned to get rid of us, so as to get along with Zhou Ying alone, and then achieve his ulterior motives. Many people come to Jinghu Park on weekends, and many people go boating on Jinghu Lake, especially young people, who often not only enjoy the scenery, but also occasionally have a water fight. We were involved in these groups of people, several large boats full of people, the people on board with oars with oars, no oars with their hands,pumpkin seed extract, desperately splashing at the opponent's side, playing a lot of fun. For a moment, the water splashed and I thought it was raining.