Sophie's world

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I don't necessarily agree with you. Because, by asking these questions,

I don't necessarily agree with you. Because, by asking these questions, we know that we are alive. When people search for answers to these fundamental questions, they will always find many other problems that have clear and definite solutions. Science, research and technology are all by-products of our philosophical thinking. Didn't we finally land on the moon because we were curious about life? "That's true." When Armstrong set foot on the moon, he said, 'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.' He used these words to sum up his feelings about being the first man to land on the moon, mentioning all our ancestors, because it was obviously not his own. "Of course." In our time, we have some new problems to face. One of the most serious problems is the environment. Thus, one of the major philosophical trends of the twentieth century was ecophilosophy, the name given by the Norwegian philosopher arnenaess, who was one of its founders. Many Western eco-philosophers have warned that the entire course of Western civilization is fundamentally wrong, and that in the long run, it is bound to exceed the limits that the earth can bear. They are not just talking about the specific problems of environmental pollution and destruction. They claim that there is something fundamentally wrong with Western thought-form. "I think they're right." Eco-philosophers,liquid bottle filling machine, for example, have challenged the evolutionary assumption that man is the'head of all things'. They believe that the idea that human beings are the masters of nature may cause fatal damage to the whole earth. "I get angry every time I think about it." "In criticizing this hypothesis, many ecological philosophers have paid little attention to the concepts and ideas of other cultures, such as India.". They also studied the ideas and customs of the so-called "primitive peoples" or "natives" such as American Indians and Eskimos (now renamed Inuit-Editor's Note) to re-explore what we have lost. "And then?" "In recent years, there have been two theories in the scientific community that our entire paradigm of scientific thought is facing a paradigm shift, meaning that there has been a fundamental shift in the way scientists think, and that this phenomenon has blossomed in several fields.". We can see that many so-called "alternative life movements" advocate holism and new ways of life. "Great." However, when a matter involves many people, PET blowing machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, we must learn to distinguish between good and bad. Some people claim that we are entering a'new era ', but not everything new is good. We can't throw away all the old things. That's one of the reasons why I asked you to take this philosophy class. You now know the philosophy of the past and the present. Then you should be able to find a direction for your life. "Thank you very much." "I think you will find that a large part of the movement under the banner of" New Age "is a lie. In recent decades, the Western world has even been influenced by the so-called "new religion", "new mysticism" and various modern superstitions. These things have become a kind of enterprise. As the number of people who believe in Christianity is decreasing, there are many alternative products in the philosophy market. "What kind of alternative products?" The list goes on and on. In any case, it is not easy to describe the era in which we live. Can we go for a walk in the town now? I want you to see something. 。” Sophie shrugged her shoulders. I don't have much time. You haven't forgotten the garden party tomorrow, have you? Of course not. A wonderful thing will happen at that time. But first we have to bring Sid's philosophy class to a successful conclusion. The major hasn't thought of it yet, do you understand? So he no longer has complete control over us. 。” He lifted the now empty Coke bottle again and banged it hard on the table. They went out into the street, and the people were coming and going like energetic ants in an ant's nest. Sophie thought to herself that Albert did not know what to show her. They passed a large shop selling all kinds of communication equipment, from televisions, video recorders and small ears to all kinds of mobile phones, computers and fax machines. "This is the twentieth century," Albert said, pointing to something in the window. During the Renaissance, the world began to expand. Ever since those great voyages of exploration began, Europeans have been traveling all over the world. Today, the opposite is true. We call it anti-inflation. "What can I say?" It means that the world is gradually condensing into a huge communication network. Not so long ago, philosophers had to travel by carriage for days to explore the world and meet other philosophers. Today, we can get all the human experience through the computer screen no matter where we are in the world. "It's wonderful to think about. It's even a little scary, really." The question is whether history is coming to an end, or whether, on the contrary, we are about to enter a new era. We are no longer just residents of a city or citizens of a country. We are citizens of the world living in a global civilization. "Really." Over the past 30 or 40 years, the development of science and technology, especially in the field of communication, may be greater than the sum of all periods in history. And what we've seen so far may be just the beginning.. "Is this what you want me to see?" "No, that thing is on the other side of that church over there." As they turned to go, an image of several UN soldiers flashed across the screen of a television. You see,PET bottle Mold, Sophie Guang said. The camera fades in and stops on one of the soldiers. He had a black beard almost exactly like Albert's. Suddenly he held up a sign that said, "Sid, I'm coming back!" He waved his other hand and disappeared.

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