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Perhaps some people will think that Ziyu is very silly and naive,

Perhaps some people will think that Ziyu is very silly and naive, there is no need to pay so much for others, just when the situation is so critical, he should take his father away, but Ziyu did not do so. Thinking of all this at this time, Chu Tianming also felt that Ziyu was a little silly, a little naive, a little too naive, but think carefully, now in this society, how many people like Ziyu are so pure? Not to mention paying for others, people nowadays can even sell their parents and relatives. People like Ziyu are almost extinct. You also cherish the living things! So you must not die! Chu Tianming thought to himself. Ziyu's situation is so bad now that Chu Tianming doesn't know how to help him. Chapter 451 take the group back. Ziyu's body can now be said to be chaotic, the energy of the rampage is constantly destroying his body tissue, the new energy is constantly devoured and eroded, coupled with the fragile body of Ziyu now. If Chu Tianming accidentally touches any key place, it is very likely to cause irreparable consequences. Now the only thing that can help him is some auxiliary and mild elixirs. There are many elixirs in Chu Tianming, but most of them are violent and not suitable for Ziyu to take now. Chu Tianming rummaged in his consciousness space for a long time before he found some relatively mild elixirs. Although not an elixir, but also the effect is remarkable, Chu Tianming broke open Ziyu's mouth, the elixir-piece-piece to plug in. When the elixir entered Ziyu's mouth,facial recognization camera, it immediately turned into a clear stream that flowed all over his body. Under Chu Tianming's observation, some tiny tissues inside Ziyu's body began to repair slowly. It seemed that the speed was not fast, but it was better than continuing. See this, Chu Tianming heart-a big stone also put down, finally a lot of peace of mind. It turned out that Chu Tianming felt that he had let Senji go for the first time, which would cause Ziyu to suffer this disaster. He felt a little guilty. If Ziyu really had a good or bad thing, Chu Tianming would feel very uneasy. But now that Ziyu finally began to recover slowly, Chu Tianming's hanging heart finally fell back into his chest. All right,temperature scanning kiosks, uncle, Ziyu, he won't have a general idea, let him recover carefully-after a period of time, he will be alive and kicking again. Chu Tianming stood up and looked at Ziyu's father in front of him and said. It's all right. It's all right. Ziyu's father nodded excitedly and looked at Ziyu. — with tears in his eyes. Chu Tianming saw it in his eyes and felt sad in his heart, so he had to turn his head away and stop looking at this side. By this time, the others had almost dealt with the wounded, but now the base city had been destroyed in Senji's self-explosion, and they were afraid that they could not stay here any longer. Chu Tianming looked at these people and an idea came to his mind. These people are also brave and skillful in fighting, so they are deadlocked with the mutant creatures. These people who can survive. Which one is not an elite of evolutionists? It would be a good choice to absorb them into Mingyang Base City. Chu Tianming thought to himself. But when this matter is not urgent, their leader is Ziyu's father anyway, and they have to discuss it with him. Of course, Chu Tianming is not particularly concerned about whether these people will join their Mingyang base city. To put it bluntly, although they are all elites, digital signage screen ,digital signage kiosk, Chu Tianming is not short of elites at all. Want to recruit them to join the Ming Yang base city, just in the heart of love, if they do not want to join. Chu Tianming also felt that he would not force them. By the time Ziyu woke up, it was already late. Chu Tianming did not go straight, he was waiting for Ziyu to wake up, and then take him to Mingyang Base City, after all, there is no place to live here now. It is not suitable for Ziyu to recuperate. Only Mingyang Base City is the best place for Ziyu. Ziyu woke up, and the first discovery was naturally Ziyu's father, who was waiting by his side. Yuer woke up. Yuer woke up. Ziyu's father shouted, and then his face was excited and he reached out to help Ziyu up, and his face asked this and that with concern. Ziyu just woke up at this time, consciousness is not particularly clear, for his father's question, he can only answer vaguely. At this time, Chu Tianming and other people also surrounded up. How's it going? Are you feeling better? Chu Tianming crouched down, "tell me where it hurts, and I'll find a way to make you better." Ziyu glanced at Chu Tianming and nodded with a smile. Chu eldest brother, I am all right, the condition in the body also stabilized down, now is only the energy loss a little big rest rest is good. Chu Tianming nodded, Ziyu's condition he also basically understood, although Ziyu said lightly, but in fact he still has a lot of problems, but as he said, the big obstacle is not, the most is to need more time to cultivate. It's all right. By the way, I'll take you back to Mingyang Base City to recover. Do you think your companion and father will follow you? Chu Tianming pointed to the wreckage of the broken buildings around him, apparently telling them that it was no longer suitable for human habitation. Ziyu looked around with a gloomy look and sighed in a low voice. Would you like to follow me to Mingyang Base City? Ziyu spoke with difficulty. His voice was not loud, but everyone heard it. In fact, when Chu Tianming just appeared, these people were thinking about whether they could keep up with the big man, but because of their own position, it was hard to say. Now Ziyu has taken the initiative to speak, plus they really have no place to live, home is gone, guarding this land is useless. Next, Ziyu's father looked at the villagers and elders and nodded gently. Let's go, let's go, although this is our home, but now there is no home, we have to survive, and we will come back when the earth is peaceful. In front of Chu Tianming, he said he wanted to come back again, apparently Ziyu's father was showing his attitude. To this,interactive whiteboard prices, Chu Tianming smiled noncommittally, and then-waved,-a huge ship-shaped aircraft appeared in the sky.

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