Marry a ruffian

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Although he was injured in the palm, Fang Ren took advantage of his bath

Although he was injured in the palm, Fang Ren took advantage of his bath to pass his clothes in, but saw that there was no scar on his chest. If he was really seriously injured and unconscious, he would be fine for only ten days without leaving any trace? Thinking of this prescription, Ren could not help but feel suspicious, but it was not good to talk to his brothers, so he could only hide it in his heart and think about it secretly. At that moment, the other side sincerely said, "Uncle Ming is an old man in the family. If you don't save him, you really can't bear it. Now the fourth and sixth brothers advocate rescuing Uncle Ming. It's not impossible for me to think about it. It's just that we need to plan carefully!" Think of failure before you make a plan, and plan before you act! Then he ordered Fang Chengdao. "You need to prepare a carriage outside the city, and as soon as we save Uncle Ming, you can meet him outside!" But Fang Cheng shook his head. "Eldest brother, I have been to the prison of the state capital, and it is most appropriate for me to lead the way!" Fang Ren waved his hand. "You can draw a picture for us, but I don't trust this retreat to others,347 stainless steel, only you calm down and let me have no worries!" Er Qing is also a careful, but his martial arts is the worst, it is hard to avoid some weakness, Fang Zhong naturally need not think, Fang Zhi he is not at ease, Cheng Yue has a good temper and calm need to stay around to help,x60 line pipe, the candidate is naturally Fang Cheng. Fang Chengwen thought about it and nodded. "Listen to Big Brother!" Fang Ren nodded and patted him on the shoulder meaningfully. "Don't trust others in everything!"! Remember! Remember! Fang Cheng's eyes flashed and he nodded thoughtfully. Big brother, this. What does it mean? Could it be. Fang Ren arranged Fang Erqing to meet him outside the prison door, and he and Fang Zhong, Fang Zhi, and Cheng Yue were the only four people to enter the prison. He stayed outside in the third watch of the night, when he was sleeping deeply. Several people changed their black clothes and trousers, and their headscarves covered their faces, showing only a pair of eyes outside. "Go!" Several people spread out their bodies and rushed to the prison of the state government. Crouching in the dark, they watched the patrol officer yawn and walk past. Then they climbed over the wall and dived into the hospital. The outer gate of the prison was a palm-thick, locked with a huge copper lock and a steel chain as thick as a thumb. The man inside could not get out, and the man outside needed the guard to open the door to get in. Fang Ren took the lead, jumped up from the dark, x52 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, flew to the front of the prison door, cut the guard's throat with a knife, but the other one was solved by Cheng Yue. Leaving Fang Erqing outside, he dragged the corpse aside, took off his clothes and put on his clothes, and stood there to meet him. The four of them went in, and sure enough, they saw Fang Jiming curled up in his cell, black and blue, dying. "Uncle Ming!" Fang Zhong hugged him in the past. Fang Jiming had already seen the oil run out. After seeing Fang Cheng that day, he had nothing to worry about. He just waited for death quietly. Chapter seventy-two work in vain Fang Jiming was half in a daze, and in a trance he suddenly heard someone calling in his ear. "Uncle Ming!"! Uncle Ming! When he managed to open his eyes, Fang Zhong saw that he was moving and immediately pulled his face towel. "Uncle Ming!" Fang Jiming recognized him and suddenly opened his eyes wide. You.. You Turning to see Fang Ren three people can not help but be frightened. You.. Why are you here? Fang Zhong answered, "We're here to get you out!" When Fang Jiming heard this, "Confused!"! Confused! I Didn't the front let you go! Walk quickly Go as far as possible! Surprised by them, he suddenly became lucid and pushed Fang Zhongdao fiercely. "Go!"! You go quickly! "We're here to get you out!" "I look like this now, save me can only waste your lives!"! Don't go yet! Fang Zhong ignored him and bent down to cut off the bracelet and anklet by Fang Zhi and put Fang Jiming on his back. "Go!" With Fang Jiming on his back, the crowd rushed forward, only to hear a sudden noise coming from outside. "Somebody!"! Someone broke into the prison! "Quick!"! Don't let anyone get away! Fang Ren hurried, "Go!" Outside Fang Erqing martial arts is not high, I am afraid can not stop people, if let people block them in the cell, everyone will not be able to get out! Fang Erqing had fought with the yamen runner to a place outside. He carried a knife to protect several waves of yamen runners in front of the prison door. He had already seen blood on his body. When Fang Ren and others rushed out, Cheng Yue rolled his eyes and returned to the prison. "Dang Dang Dang." This compartment cut down several prison doors, broke in and cut off the bracelet and anklet of the prisoners. "If you want to live, rush out!" Most of the prisoners in this prison are felons. There are several bandits in Guangjiangyang. They are waiting to be beheaded after autumn. Fang Ren and others have already alarmed them. They are stretching out their hands to ask for a piggyback. Cheng Yue immediately let the prisoners see the vitality. Get out! A group of prisoners opened the doors of the rest of the prison one after another, and all the prisoners in this prison were released. They all gathered together and rushed out with a shout. Outside, Fang Ren and others were fighting with the yamen runners inextricably, and the governor was alarmed, turned over and climbed up from the little concubine's bed, and stood in the room with his clothes on. "Somebody!"! Somebody help! He immediately went to the camp outside the city to report to the commander in chief and sent troops to help. The yamen runners of the prefecture were good at bullying the common people on weekdays, but when they met such hard stubble as Fang Jiaerlang, they immediately showed their true colors. All of them were under Fang Ren's hands. Those with good skills only had a dozen rounds, while those with poor skills fell down. Not long after, Fang Ren and others had been killed at the back door of the prefecture. The prisoners in the prison swarmed out. They shouted and rushed to the door. They rushed past Fang Ren and others and rushed to the front of the yamen runners. This group of people were tortured by these people in prison on weekdays. When they met, they were really jealous of their enemies. The strong man, regardless of the knives in the hands of the yamen runners,a333 grade 6 pipe, rushed up with his bare hands and grabbed one and held it high. He turned around a few times in midair. "Whew.." He threw it out and immediately hit a large area. "Boom.." The yamen runners were defeated, and they knocked open the gate in the past. Outside was the Shuzhou Street. They were about to rush outside with a cheer, but they heard a sound. "Release the arrow!" "Swish.." 。

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