The Best Tips On How To Dress In Morocco For Men & Women

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In general, the morocco dress code for women in Morocco is fairly conservative.

1.morocco dress code for women.

In general, the morocco dress code for women in Morocco is fairly conservative. While there are no specific restrictions on what type of clothing a woman can wear, it's recommended that she avoid revealing outfits and dresses that show a lot of skin. It's also important to keep in mind that modesty is highly valued in Moroccan culture, so make sure your clothes cover all of your body except for your face and hands. Additionally, headscarves are generally not worn by women outside of religious contexts.

2.morocco dress code for men.

Men in Morocco are required to wear long trousers, a shirt and a headscarf when out in public. Shorts, skirts above the knee, tight clothing or anything that is revealing is not allowed. It's also illegal for men to drive cars unless they are accompanied by their wife or sister.

3.morocco dress code for tourists.

The dress code for tourists in Morocco is generally more modest than what may be seen in other countries. It is often recommended that visitors refrain from wearing shorts, skirts below the knee, or tight-fitting clothing that could expose skin. Visitors are also advised to cover their heads and bodies when outdoors during colder months.