Key Benefits of Migrating To Azure & Migrating Your Data To The Cloud

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Key Benefits of Migrating To Azure & Migrating Your Data To The Cloud

In the post-pandemic business landscape, remote access and mixed working solutions have unexpectedly become the norm. Businesses stuck on old Windows servers should now be looking to move their data to the cloud. Azure brings huge cost savings and makes it far easier to embrace remote working, there are many more benefits of Azure Database Migration.

Microsoft Azure is by distant the fastest-growing cloud platform. Azure encompasses more than 200 products to support your organization to operate seamlessly and be feature-ready.


Benefits of Moving to Azure

Benefit #1: Migrating to Azure Can Save You Money

The price of maintaining Windows server hardware can quickly eat into your IT budget. Azure is even more affordable than other cloud service providers. Microsoft claims that Azure is 5 times cheaper than AWS via the use of Azure Hybrid Benefit to combine your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads.

Benefit #2: Azure Improves Security

Using local servers or other cloud providers can be risky in terms of protecting your data and apps from cyber threats. Azure aims to unify safety management and offer superior threat protection through the Azure Security Centre.

Azure offers in-built DDOS protection, alongside Azure Information Protection to monitor and manage external data transfers. With Azure’s easy-to-use security tools, your IT department can quickly react to any threat and implement in-depth security strategies.

Benefit #3: Dynamic Scalability

As your cloud services aren’t limited by your physical hardware, it’s far easier to climb your resources to meet your current demand.

If you have a sudden influx of industry, you’re not held back by your existing infrastructure. Your Azure cloud services can scale dynamically to fit your current needs. Then, in quieter periods, you can climb down your resources to reduce operating costs.

Microsoft presents Azure Autoscale for this very purpose. Autoscale permits you to dynamically adjust your apps and services through a self-defined metric and anticipate load with varying schedules.


Regardless of the simplicity of the Azure Database Migration Service or the level of IT expertise your association can muster internally, moving large volumes of data from legacy systems to the cloud fundamentally transforms the way you do business. As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and a Tier 1 CSP for Azure and Office 365, Apps4Rent provides 24/7 technical support through phone, chat, and email for Azure migration services.