50 + Topic for Social Science Students

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         As humans are gregarious and live in societies and communities, the disciples covered within the umbrella term ‘social sciences’ are significant because it tends to explain the way humans need to behave while living in a collective society. The main subjects include psychology, political science, economics, and anthropology.

         Here are more than 50 topics for social science students to consider while discussing or opting for their assignments, essays, analysis, or dissertations. These topics can help social science students to search for specific aspects of any issue that bothers people in society. Topics for social science students are:

  1. Aztecs’ Architectural legacy
  2. How Cultural lag causes issues in assimilation into a foreign culture
  3. Differences in Agricultural practices
  4. Characteristics of sub-cultural groups including hippies.
  5. Evolution of gift exchange customs
  6. Ancient Roman cultures and their innovation
  7. Racial profiling in law enforcement agencies
  8.   Burial customs across East and West
  9.   Cyberspace and cultural ethics
  10. Education and its impacts on various countries
  11. Urbanization and loss of cultural diversity
  12. Marriage ceremonies: old and modern traditions
  13. Poverty and associated convictions
  14. Differing parenting styles
  15. The portrayal of disabled individuals in mass media
  16. Feminism and femicide
  17. Afghanistan war: failures or success
  18. Creation of human rights organizations
  19. Cyber security and harassment laws
  20. Evolution of laws besides the evolution of societies
  21. Fetichism and advertisement
  22. Human being’s real needs and mass media creating false needs
  23. Sodomy laws
  24. Required approaches for rehabilitation of war victims
  25. Plea bargaining: Pros and Cons
  26. Death penalty: violation of the human right to live
  27. Social media and depriving self-esteem of youth
  28. Anatomy and operations of social revolutionary movements
  29. American dream
  30. Why climate change campaign is controversial
  31. Civil war and its impacts on the economy
  32. Negotiation strategies that could be effective in Afghanistan
  33. Legislation for reducing pollution
  34. Justification of capital punishment
  35. Are electric cars by Tesla will replace conventional automobiles
  36. Indictment and prosecution of American youth
  37. Diplomatic immunity
  38. How NAFTA impacts corn production in Mexico
  39. How tourism evolves through the last decades
  40. Trade agreements and trade protectionism
  41. The transition of fossil fuels to sustainable energy resources
  42. Obesity and required measures
  43. Origin of Indo-European languages
  44. How early humans mastered the usage of fire
  45. The link between modernism and religiosity
  46. How religion plays the role of cohesion force in society
  47. Buddhism and Islam: compare and contrast
  48. Myths and scientific knowledge
  49. Subjectivity toward gender roles
  50. Egalitarian societies versus family evolution
  51. Matriarchy versus Patriarchy
  52. Need to redefine the social roles and identities of men as well as women
  53. Social media and the intensification of protests
  54. Role of Black money and white-collar criminals
  55. Forensic psychology and schizophrenia
  56. Ancient artifacts and societies
  57. Significance of considering psychological problems
  58. How cyberspace could be made safer?
  59. Current modernism and deteriorating ethical standards
  60. How multinational corporations should be taxed?
  61. Significance of early identification of behavioral issues
  62. Why does gender inequality exist?
  63. How human minds are unconsciously controlled by mass media
  64. How Marxism and Frankfurt Critical Theory are related

These topics could be helpful for students belonging to any discipline as these all reflect any aspect of societal or social concern. These topics might be saving students time as the topic selection is one of the most time-consuming steps. By contacting a professional paper writing service, outlines could be sought that could save much of your time. 


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