Organizing each and every eyeshadow palette that I tried out in the year 2023

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My name is Kelly, and I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself

My name is Kelly, and I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. It's one of my all-time favorite things to talk about! This brand must be called Beauty by Gwen Stefani, which is very unfortunate. My husband and I were on vacation in New York over the spring break when he decided on the color scheme for the danger zone that I see. It was while we were there that he chose it for me. He first determined what it was that I desired, and then he proceeded to grant my request. It does not have a color that is very dark at all. My throwing skills have resulted in the balls being dispersed all over the 17th place.

My opinion is that the quality is excellent, that the shimmer is excellent, and that the color of the mattress can be blended with cream. I also believe that the shimmer is excellent. You won't recognize any sort of pattern until after we've traveled further into the ball and are getting closer to the top of it. I'm just a plain old neutral girl. I would say that, in general, I'm a neutral girl, but when it comes to men, I definitely have a preference. If I want to make a daily shape, I might try putting this on the crease and then the lid on the inner corner of my eye. This might work.

It could just be my own interaction with color, but I think a lot of people feel this way. The shimmer contributes significantly to the overall aesthetic value. My opinion is that the mattress is of a high quality and can be put together with other mattresses. The retro mini palette is in question, and the mini in question belongs to Natasha Denona. This color scheme seems to have a lot going on, which makes it very interesting and appealing to the eye. To put it another way, I have absolutely no interest in buying them at all. On the other hand, I do not believe that it possesses the highest possible quality, nor do I believe that it is the item that is in the greatest demand. There are a lot of Sigma members who would be more than happy to send me their miniskirt if they could. This is not the color scheme that I work with on a regular basis, despite the fact that I think it is a very intriguing color scheme and that you possess an intriguing color story. However, this is the color scheme that you possess. On the other hand, I believe that my preference of this palette places me somewhere around position number 12.

  • To put it another way, I do not think that the quality is exceptionally high

  • It has been brought to my attention that certain cosmetics may melt

  • I just thought I'd let you know that I've overheard some people saying that some of the products in their eye shadow palettes are trendy, while others are reminiscent of simpler times, and that's why I figured I'd share that information with you

  • I can't shake the feeling that I should try out some new things with Odin's eyes and with this color story

  • The color that can be found at the very bottom is stunning, and it has a lovely depth to it

  • You have a beautiful tone that I will refer to as Shifty

  • As a result of this, I'm going to say that Midway Midway is the best option in the ranking because I find that color palette to be very appealing

  • I cannot contain my excitement about finally getting my hands on this color palette because I have heard so many wonderful things about it from other people

  • Working with this palette is like working with a dream


You'll find some gorgeous colors, some good warm colors, and some cool colors on this side. These color pairings are absolutely stunning in every way. When I try to put it on my eyes, I have a hard time seeing that it beats beautifully on my fingers, but when I put it on my fingers, it beats beautifully. The color of this daring action shadow is probably best described as champagne. I'm really drawn to this dramatic shadow. It's so interesting.

I made use of it so that people would be incredibly impressed by my appearance. I am aware of the procedures that Huda Beauty needs to carry out in order to succeed. I am unable to say that it is my absolute favorite, despite the fact that I have no doubt that it will win the hearts of a great many people. Then I looked at the content, and that's when I became interested in it; I truly believe that this is an excellent color palette, and I hope that you agree with me. This particular shadow of Bell is very dissimilar to any other. In spite of the fact that many people assert that it has the same consistency as the others, I do not believe that this particular shadow is quite as pink as the others that she has. I found that the quality of this particular shadow is not the same as the quality of her other shadows.

In seventh place, I have to admit that this one has a great deal of the potential to pique my interest. They were interested in knowing which of the two options I would choose. You are creating the most incredible atmosphere here. You can see here that there are three gorgeous shades of Shimmer, and that they are accompanied by these warm vibes. The two distinct forms that I constructed, both of which I like, appeal to me. If you apply them to the bam, you will notice a slight pigmentation change. This is one of my favorite palettes, and the fact that I can now include it in my collection is largely due to the fact that I believe it is suitable for the autumn season.

This is her recently unveiled color scheme, which was displayed in the moonlight temptation that she participated in. In my opinion, the writing in this paragraph has a nice flow to it. Even though I don't make use of them very frequently, I still consider this to be a beautiful palette because I use it each time I make a shape. Even though I don't make use of them very frequently. The high level of its craftsmanship has made an impression on me. This Private Label eyeshadow palettes palette is new to me, and it was produced by this particular brand. In all candor, I believe this to be the point at which they will crack under the pressure. There is a chance that the ship is reflected in the mirror, but I cannot confirm this with absolute certainty. What brought on the delay is beyond my comprehension. This color story bears all the hallmarks of Kelly's handiwork, without a doubt. When Manny brought out his nude prism palette, that's when I made the decision to give Beauty of the Moon a try.

It is clear that this color scheme was designed with me in mind because it seems to be calling my name as it is being used. My opinion on the matter is as follows. What is the most appropriate way for me to complement it? The fact that it is of such high quality came as a pleasant surprise; as a result, I anticipate that within the next few years it will quickly take on the role of centerpiece in my collection. You have a wonderful cream here, and the color complements it very nicely. Simply looking at yourself in the mirror is all that is required to see it. This color scheme is absolutely stunning. I'm being facetious in this situation. I also have some palettes.

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