7 Benefits of Playing Games You Didn't Know

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Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Playing the game will require a lot of skills from there, but it also gives you a lot of benefits that in the process of playing you may not think about.


Improve memory

According to a scientific study from the University of California in 2015 has shown that playing games not only helps you relieve stress, but can also boost the brain's ability to remember.

Through the same study, it was found that the older a person's memory is, the more it declines. But for those who regularly play 3D role-playing games for about 30 minutes a day, their memory will increase significantly. This happens because when playing role-playing games, players will have to concentrate very hard. And this is considered a useful exercise to help train the brain better.

Improve Vision

"All day, I'm plugged into computers and phones, but one day my eyes are damaged, and I can't see what life is like." This seems to have become very familiar to people who use smart devices every day. But reality shows that this is not entirely true. Based on research conducted in 2009 has shown that playing games can make players' eyesight better. This is definitely a great pleasure for those who often play games.

As research has shown, our brain is capable of differentiating between variations in color. Thanks to this ability, we can drive at night. But the games are programmed by the designers, which leads to frequent changes in context and color. Thereby, it also helps the brain to exercise the ability to process colors. So people who have just had eye surgery or who are using corrective glasses when playing role-playing games can help the recovery process go faster.

Practice Persistence and Teamwork

In our many years of gaming experience, we've found that games that attract a lot of players offer some challenge for players to take on. In each challenge given, whether difficult or simple, players have to think, calculate strategies and come up with a way to coordinate with teammates so that it is reasonable. The more difficult the game, the more experience it requires, the more players have to be patient and persistent with their teammates to overcome challenges.

By the time you have accumulated a lot of gaming experience, your brain is already working faster. This you will feel through the playing speed of the next matches. Through this practice, you will easily absorb knowledge and they can be applied to your daily life.

According to many previous studies, this "reorganization" of the brain will greatly benefit patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Increase Determination

If you are playing strategy games Eggy Car, you will have to make strategic decisions. This is similar to how you have to make decisions in your daily life. And the ability to master and overcome challenges in the game will help you get used to problem solving and become more assertive.