Blackbutt honey dubai

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Raw honey has been known for its medicinal properties since ancient times. There have been many studies that show how great raw honey can be for your health.

Honey is considered as man’s oldest known food which has travelled a long way with us for many thousands of years and still being an integral part of our day to day life. Ever thought why honey is a staple food item still in this 21st century? The answer is simple, that’s because of its vast usage and uncountable benefits. Jarrah Asal is an Australian- American company based in Dubai which is the best and sole distributor of honey from the second generation beekeeper Kim Cheeseman who has about 50 years of experience in beekeeping business. 

We ensure the best natural honey available in Dubai as we never depend on any adulterants or chemicals and thereby the natural taste of honey is ensured. One of the major benefit of including honey in your daily diet is that it reduces the chance of cancer and heart related diseases. We provide the best and premium honey within Dubai, as our honey is extracted directly from bee hives which are naturally available and hence these honey are raw and authentic without any middlemen intervention or adulterations.

At Jarrah Asal, we provide the best, Blackbutt honey dubai as our honey is 100% pure and natural. It doesn’t contains any kind of preservatives or additives for external color and aroma. The honey which we provides are full of nutritional as well as medicinal values which made us the best natural honey provider in UAE. Our raw and organic honey ensures you good health, improves your immunity power, and also enhances the absorption of minerals and nutrients from other food sources. 

In fact the use of honey which is adulterated with corn syrup, sugar syrup, HFCS can lead to health issues like obesity, cardiac related health problems, and even diabetics. We ensure you the best and pure honey from our hives which are located at unpolluted and hassle free locations throughout Western Australia.