6 tips to organize your first DIY music festival

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So has your love of music led you to the point where you are considering starting your own DIY music festival?

Well, that's a great idea. More like bringing your personal playlists to a bigger platform and letting people join in while you hum, dance and strum your favorite tunes. But do you know how to do it?


1. Find the reason first


Even though you might just be putting on a music festival because you like it. And of course there is nothing wrong with that.


However, if this event has a purpose, its occurrence adds weight. This will attract more people to join.


For example, if you plan to organize a small music event where all the songs that your favorite band has ever released will be played, your event will have meaning and a common interest for all the fans of the band. For this reason, many of them can join.


So even if you want to host a music event for no significant reason, try hanging it up.


2. Prepare the report


The next most important thing to focus on is the build.


Whether there will be DJs. Or if you just want bands. And if so, what bands do you want? Or maybe if it's going to be an "instruments only" music show, what instruments and artists should be there?


These are the questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on a build.


3. Decide on the location


The location of your music festival is one of the most important things you should be concerned about.




Budget. It is clear that with a big budget you can even put on a spectacular concert in a stadium in Michigan, Latest album but then it will cost a fortune.


And unless you want to spend massively, you'll need to explore your options depending on your budget.


Moreover, quality cannot be sacrificed.


So be careful. List the viable options and select the best one,


4. Place the A/V in place


What would a music festival be without proper audio and video setup?


Big screens showing live bands. A best-in-class audio setup that ensures every note played can be delivered cleanly to the audience. It is important to have qualified audio and video equipment to bring out the best in your event.