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Different Yet Conservative Sizes

The plan of both the items varies in size. The size distinction happens because of primary contrasts between them. IGET Ruler likewise has a marginally more modest size than Gunnpod vapes Flavors, however both are as yet reduced and simple to convey with you. they come in comparable amounts, regardless of how enormous or little the gadget is. With this gadget.

Rich Flavors

The Gunnpod vapes has a large number of fruity flavors, with superb cold flavors. IGET Ruler's just fruity ice choice is the norm. For any vape darling, these items offer an incredible scope of extraordinary flavors with excellent quality strength for fledglings or experienced vapers and those searching for a novel, new thing.

The distinction in experience

The Gunnpod has a broad scope of flavors that are both extraordinary, similar to the rush and kiwi strawberry blend, and conventional like mango ice and energy organic product. Regardless of what you're searching for, they have it. The genuine preferences will surpass your assumptions, regardless of which flavor you pick. They offer a few kinds of berry flavors, as Blended Berry, Cola Ice with its credible flavors, or Enthusiasm Natural product. For something more conventional attempt Mango or Banana flavor at Gunnpod.

IGET Lord's vape flavors are wealthy in frosty developments. They give a phenomenal mix of frigid seasoning alongside regular organic product flavors. The blend ensures the individual feels extraordinary endorphin surges when they take a taste. A portion of their flavors incorporate blackberry and raspberry ice, cola ice, and energy organic product grape ice. There are additionally conventional flavors like mango bombs and gigantic peach. These fruity flavors give you a high inclination while leaving a decent desire for your mouth and different flavors incorporate pineapple juice ice, strawberry kiwi ice, lavish organic product, and so on.

Puff limit according to the need

Gunnpod and IGET VAPE give extraordinary fume. They arrive in a scope of limits, from 700+ to 2600+. This is enough for a great many people. Both proposition a decent incentive for cash and each has various limits relying upon what you really want. The low minor departure from the Gunn case is ideal for amateurs who need to taste different flavors prior to concluding which one they like best.


The Iget Ruler and Gunnpod are not quite the same as one another with likenesses. Buying a bunch of IGET Rulers show different offers and preferred puff quality over Gunnpods did. The rich flavors for the IGET Rulers and Gunnpods fluctuate contingent upon what you are searching for. The size changes as well, however both are lightweight and simple to convey.

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