What Do You Mean By A Health Access Program Card?

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A health access program card is an approach that offers complete family planning services to eligible low-income residents. Learn more about your rights as a patient in the family planning rights offered at the clinic or posted on the clinic site.

To qualify for this program, you need to be a resident of California. It is only for family planning needs. Therefore, if you are eligible, you must be able to be pregnant or cause the pregnancy. Suppose you get pregnant. Health access program card will not cover you until you give birth.

To use this service, you do not need consent from anyone, and no one needs to know about your family planning requirements if you do not want them to know. Before applying for a health access program card, you need to be a family pact patient. Therefore, in this post, we will concern how first to get a family pact patient so that you can access HAP. Keep reading this post to understand more.

How to Apply for a Family Pact?

The process of applying a family pact is easier. You will need to find a doctor near you then get to the clinic. The doctor will talk to you and determine if you are eligible for this program. You will be required to fill out a Client Eligibility Certification CEC form. If you have any questions regarding this form, talk to your doctor. Suppose you qualify. You can become a family pact client that day. After becoming a family pact client;

  • You get services for the entire year until something changes, for instance, if there are changes in your income.
  • Every time you visit the doctor, they will ask if any of your details have changed to ensure you still are covered by the program.
  • Sometimes, this program can even cover family planning costs for three months before becoming a client. The doctor will help see if you qualify for a Retroactive Eligibility Certification REC form.

Health Access Program Card

After you have qualified for a family pact, you will get the Health Access Program card. This teal blue card shows you qualify for a family pact card. You need this card with you on each visit. The HAP is good for one year, and then you will need to renew it. Ensure there is no gap in your benefits, so you can choose to renew your card after ten months. With this card, you can see a family pact doctor. The doctor will help you when it is time to renew it. If your health access card is stolen or lost, you do not need to worry because your doctor will help you get another one.

Final Thought

Health access program card is confidential, and so is the treatment you receive. This, therefore, means that nobody knows about your family planning requirements if you do not want them to know. This card covers California residents. If you, therefore, move out of the state, the family pact will no longer cover you. Prescriptions are always available at any pharmacy that accepts Medi-Cal. So before traveling, ensure you plan.