5 Mistakes Procrastinators Make

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hey friends welcome back to the channel today we are talking about five mistakes that procrastinators make these are mistakes that i've been making a lot when it comes to various things i'm procrastinating on and i thought i'd share them with you the first one is not appr

But i keep procrastinating from it but you're only procrastinating from it is if you physically have the time to do it and if you actually want to do the thing and in that context you've got the time and you want to do it at that point that's real procrastination but if for example you're working full-time or a full-time student and you know you want to exercise an hour a day and you know you want to spend three hours a day with your family and you know you want eight hours of sleep a night you literally don't have any hours in your day to then start a youtube channel so that's just about prioritization rather than procrastination and so what i find is that like i often tell.

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I often like weirdly tell myself i'm procrastinating as a way of sort of flagellating myself beating myself up but it's kind of a bit pointless it's just prioritization and the solution i found to this is it doesn't count as procrastination unless i have a block in my calendar for the thing if i don't have a block on my calendar for the thing then great that's fine i've chosen not to prioritize that in my life but as soon as i do have the block of time in my calendar i.e go to the gym between 6 and 7 pm and then i'm still choosing to not go to the gym even though i've made the time for it at that point that's real procrastination so i think it's important to understand the difference between those two things so that we don't unnecessarily beat ourselves up speaking of unnecessarily beating ourselves up that brings me on to mistake number two which is a mistake that again procrastinate procrastinators tend to make including me which is that we have a tendency to beat ourselves up um procrastination.

I've been doing a bunch of research on this for for the book that i'm writing it's actually like an evolutionarily useful mechanism like what is procrastination procrastination is where we generally have a short-term bias we're not doing we're not doing something that is going to be in our long-term interests we tend to do stuff that's short-term better for us instead and this makes sense evolutionarily because like self-actualization you know working on this thing that's going to pay off 10 years from now in caveman days where you could be eaten by a tiger is not particularly helpful like our ancestors our evolutionary ancestors really had to optimize for being in the present moment and for the short-term gains if we beat ourselves up for doing this thing it's like this it's a very very natural phenomenon and actually procrastination is useful in that it allows us to conserve energy and to not spend that energy and time and effort and resources on things that might not necessarily be worth it to us you know one mistake i tend to make is to just not recognize this and reckon.

I think when i'm procrastinating that i am a bad person but what i found helpful to think about is that when i'm procrastinating it's fine it's fine this is just what my what my evolutionary past has kind of designed me to do i can then choose to exert higher control over that by creating systems and various other things we're going to talk about in this video but i don't need to flagellate myself for it and i think mostly a big part of why procrastination is a struggle for so many of us including me is that we have this tendency to beat ourselves up and so i i try my best to try and avoid that even though it doesn't always work all right mistake number three that we as procrastinators make is that we press the try harder button where is the try harder button the try harder button is when we think okay i know i'm procrastinating from x and i just need to do it i just need to try harder i just need to be more disciplined i just i just need to dot dot where we put the onus on ourselves to put in the effort.