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They present data in charts, graphs and tables

They present data in charts, graphs and tables

You can use charts to highlight trends, see relationships between groups, and evaluate data. Different types of charts display different types of data. Choose a chart that represents your data in the way you want. For example, you may prefer a bar chart to view by month, or a pie chart to see your sales by category. In addition to these basic types, you can use compound charts, which let you customize your report with different kinds of data.

You can also use stacked area charts to visualize data over time. These are especially helpful for comparing a number of different metrics at a time. Area charts are best used when there are large differences between data sets. This helps visualize big trends. For example, you can use an area chart to view user growth over time. You can also use a line chart to show how many subscribers you have and how many marketing qualified leads you've generated.