Adjacent to a powerful minister

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Gu Guan is really a little sulking, which is like a punch in the cotton,

Gu Guan is really a little sulking, which is like a punch in the cotton, or when he is mean to others, "Is there anything more stupid than you?", but others reply to him, "Ah, I am really too stupid, thank you for reminding me." There is no fun to make fun of people at all, or even very suffocating. Fang Chaoci is really annoying! Fang Chaoci didn't care what Brother Guan thought. He sat directly beside Xie Jie and continued to analyze the painting with Xie Jie: "It would be better if there was no Cui." "You don't like Diancui?" Xie Jie is stupefied, raise one's head to look at Fang Chaoci, he is very easy to be taken by Fang Chaoci again deviate, no longer remember what he was just uncomfortable in the end. It's not that I don't like it, but it's against the law to wear some jade. This is Fang Chaoci, who can always make up lessons for Xie Jie. Diancui is a traditional jewelry craft, which is very complicated and difficult to make. The finished product often looks graceful and luxurious. A good Diancui jewelry can be invaluable. But Diancui actually refers to the feathers of the kingfisher. Old craftsmen believe that only by plucking its beautiful feathers one by one from the body of a live kingfisher, can the diancui produced be full of spiritual beauty. A kingfisher usually has only 20 to 28 feathers that can meet the production requirements. The kingfisher is also a very timid creature, and the result of being plucked alive is almost death. And a set of Diancui needs at least thousands of hard Cui. Because the production process was too cruel, it was banned by Renzong. That's not tidying up. It's just the dead souls of eight birds on their heads. Xie Jie put his arms around him and rubbed his arms, feeling a little nervous. For the sake of beauty, there should be a bottom line. "I only know that the princesses and empresses of the former Dynasty liked it very much, and they competed for it. When Taizu opened the former Dynasty's treasury, he saw countless jewelry like that, most of which were given to my mother." However,x70 line pipe, in retrospect, it seems that Princess Dachang has never worn those gorgeous Diancui once. Because your Highness said she would feel terrible if she wore it, and she was afraid of being killed. Fang Chaoci recalled the history he saw and smiled with Xie Jie. Xie Jie thought that Fang Chaoci had heard this gossip from somewhere, and did not delve into it. Only Gu Guan's little cousin, who was very good at mental arithmetic, said faintly, "Who taught you to do arithmetic?"? Is Fang Chaoci? A kingfisher has twenty hard feathers, and a set of points needs at least a thousand feathers. Where can eight birds parry? At least fifty to eighty birds were on his head. As soon as this number came out, it made Xie Jie feel even colder. That night's topic also turned a corner, completely toward the strange direction of the roar, Fang Chaoci absolutely can not guess what he missed that night. How to say, no wonder it's been three years, 321 stainless steel sheet ,a333 grade 6 pipe, but he still hasn't been able to break the window paper with Xie Jie. Poor people must have something to hate. Princess Dachang was so desperate that she made a secret bet with Empress Su and Empress Dowager Nie to see who could guess when they would confess to each other, and the closest number would win. And, yes, there is a long princess who wants to go a long way. When Xie Jie himself is not sure whether he is bent or not, his mother has come out for him. Now the whole family except Xie Jie knows that he will probably live with a man for a lifetime. And have secretly sent a blessing, cheer for Xie Jie! Only then did the three of them ride home together in an oxcart. It was completely dark outside, but the rain did not stop, which seriously affected the function of the lamp in the veil. Visibility was so low that the already slow oxcart became even slower. Slow enough to be rejected by Gu Guan, he simply got out of the car and trotted away. Under the drizzle, can be said to be quite a celebrity temperament. Well, in fact, Gu Guan was greedy. While Xie Jie was drunk and dizzy, he stole most of the pot of jade fermented grains and the sea. As a result, his drinking capacity was not good, and his brain was overheated when he drank directly. He was shouting all the way. At the end of the heat, he got out of the car and ran willfully in the rain. Followed by a small group of servants who were busy holding umbrellas for him. It is also fortunate that Gu Guan's cousin Xie Jiexian has become famous as a crazy genius, otherwise Gu Guan is really hard to explain. People always like to think that birds of a feather flock together, Xie Jie's cousin's absurd behavior is also a matter of course, it is not drunk gaffe, but spontaneous. As early as eight hundred years ago, Xie Jie fell asleep, blushing as if he had dyed his cheeks, resting at ease and casually pillowing Fang Chaoci's thighs and holding Fang Chaoci's arms. Let Fang Chaoci even have no room to stop and look at it. Fang Chaoci can only hurriedly called more Qinwei, to follow up. Although they walked on Xie Jie's street, both sides lived in families of high-ranking officials, and the law and order should be very good. But just in case. Xie Jie was dissatisfied with the sound, frowned, and refused to open his eyes anyway. He rubbed against the room, as if he was acting like a spoiled child and letting him deal with the things that disturbed his dreams, as if he was looking for comfort. It's all right, it's all right. Fang Chaoci said softly, continuing to hold Xie Jie with one hand and patting Xie Jie's thin back with the other. I don't know where all the good things he's eaten over the years have gone, and he's still so slender. …… Farewell? Xie Jie continued to close his eyes and rave. I am here Fang Chaoci looked at Xie Jie's appearance, as if looking at his whole world, how to see is not enough. Even though the other person was already lying in his arms, he still felt that they were not close enough. Xie Jie said vaguely, "Don't leave me." "I will never leave you." Fang Chaoci assured Xie Jie that even if Xie Jie would not remember it at all. The smile is like a dragon guarding the treasure, and there is no doubt in its gentleness. Don't be afraid of me. Under the influence of alcohol,x52 line pipe, Xie Jie finally said that he had been annoyed for a long time recently, which was a trouble that could not be solved by sleeping or sleeping several times, which made Xie Jie realize what was preoccupied. Fang Chaoci failed to understand this development for a while: "??" "I will be good to you!" Fang Chaoci: "..." Why does this sound so much like a bandit bully who is about to embark on a period of compulsory forbidden love.