Mortal Immortal [Chapter 1354]

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At that moment, the sound in the golden palace suddenly stopped,

At that moment, the sound in the golden palace suddenly stopped, a gap opened silently on the door, and a figure flew out slowly from inside, which was ancient or modern. Through the gap of the gate, you can see that the hall is a vast golden space, which can not be seen at a glance, and there is no ground here, just like the nine days outside. Spheres the size of houses were suspended above the golden space, flashing with various colors of light, as if thousands of stars were blinking. The door quickly closed automatically, isolating everything inside. With a wave of ancient or modern hands, a black yellow scroll flew out of the sleeve, with a small golden dragon relief at each end, which looked exquisite and extraordinary. Ancient or modern, the golden dragons at both ends of the scroll suddenly came to life, bit both sides of the scroll, and unfolded it. On the scroll were lines of names, which had appeared in different colors, emitting various halos, some very bright, some relatively dim. At the moment a more front name, completely turned into a dark color, it is Xuanyuan Jie. Unexpectedly,Inflatable dry slide, someone can kill Xuanyuan Jie. After muttering to himself in ancient or modern times, his eyes suddenly turned golden, shooting out a foot long golden light, and heading for the fame of Xuanyuan Jie on the scroll. Countless silk-like yellow gas fell down from the scroll and sank into the void, and the dark names were magnified infinitely, as if they had opened a space channel and extended rapidly. In a twinkling of an eye, a vast area emerged, in which countless meteorites were suspended, as well as various elements of turbulence,large inflatable water slide, which was the original extra-territorial space. Han Li and Jin Tong sat cross-legged in it. Worm ancestor? Has it come back? It's all right. It saves me looking for it one by one. Why, this man is. Ancient or modern first looked at the golden boy, said a light sentence, and then looked at the side of Han Li, a light Yi. Outside the space, Han Li's expression suddenly moved and he got up and looked around. The next moment, he immediately whispered and waved his hands around like lightning. Ten golden swords in the shape of lightning shot out of his left hand and in all directions. The speed of these thunder and lightning swords is so fast that no words can describe it, as if a thunder and lightning that can cross the boundaries of time, space and so on disappeared in an instant. Han Li's right arm stretched out to the other side, and a golden light shot out from his palm, rolling up the golden boy sitting cross-legged next to him. But at this moment, the flow of time in the nearby space was suddenly chaotic, and in the loud noise, a golden palm the size of a hundred miles appeared in the sky and pressed down toward Han Li. A force of time law erupts from the giant palm, and everything nearby stops in an instant, and time seems to be frozen. It's just that Han Li's thunder and lightning transmission is so fast that it starts before the power of time on the golden palm spreads. There was a flash of thunder and the two figures disappeared. The golden giant palm clapped down, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable outdoor park, and the space, time and so on where Han Li and Jin Tong just stood collapsed in an instant. The towering golden waves appeared and swept away in all directions, eerily without any sound. Everything in the surrounding area of millions of miles turned into powder in an instant, and it was also silent. In the wilderness near Longyuan Fairy Land, a ray of thunder appeared over a desert, and a golden thunder sword appeared in the air. Under the thunder sword, the void fluctuated together, and the figures of Han Li and Jin Tong appeared out of thin air. Just now, it was the magical power of the time giant palm that killed Master Miro. It seems that the time Taoist ancestor stared at it. Han Li's eyes narrowed and he breathed a sigh of relief. Although he had already guessed that this day would come, he was still a little nervous when it came. But somehow, in this tension, there is still an excited expectation. What was that just now? The golden boy woke up from his practice with a startled look on his face. It's ancient or modern. It seems that we killed Xuanyuan Jie and attracted this man. Han Li said lightly. When the golden boy heard this, his complexion changed. In front of the golden palace of heaven, the ancient or modern face shows the color of surprise. So fast It's no worse than the teleportation of the stone empty fish. Ancient or modern praise, but did not stop, eyes in the rapid flash of golden light. The scenery shown on the Xuanhuang scroll also changed rapidly, and the figures of Han Li and Jin Tong immediately reappeared. In ancient or modern times, a handprint was made on the palm of the hand, and it was clapped out of the void. Over the desert, Han Li looked around, pinching tips in his hands, and golden thunder appeared again around them. When he just used Lei Dun, he deliberately erased the breath residue, and the transmission distance was very far, almost across a fairy land, even if the time law Taoist ancestor, the divine consciousness could not explore so far. But to be on the safe side, he's going to send it again. At this moment, the void above the head fluctuated together, with a loud roar, the golden palm appeared out of thin air. Giant palm is different from before, five fingers bend and stretch, knot a handprint, a clap and down. The golden light was like thunder, and the speed of the giant palm falling was a few minutes faster than before. How could it be? Han Li's eyes flashed the color of surprise, in the hands of the formula immediately a lead. Two people's body surface thunder flashes, together with the top of the head thunder sword together once again move away, dangerous and dangerous to avoid the clap of the giant palm. In the Tianhe Fairy Realm near Longyuan Fairy Realm, a thunder sword was suspended over a mountain range, turning and sending out bursts of swords. Below the thunder sword, Han Li and Jin Tong appeared together. Han Li looks dignified, without the slightest pause, once again urged the thunder sword transmission. As he teleported away, he waved his sleeve. More than twenty green bamboo bee cloud swords shot out of his sleeve and sank into the nearby void. At the edge of Tianhe Fairy Land, thunder flashed in the void, and Han Li's two figures appeared. Han Li still did not have the slightest pause, once again urged the thunder sword transmission, the figure disappeared again. So continuous transmission more than a dozen times, two people have crossed several fairy land, came to a place full of rotten earth and miasma fairy land, Han Li this just stopped. It should be all right after being transmitted so far. Han Li secretly said in his heart. But as if to laugh at him, the sky flashed golden light, and the golden palm fell again,Inflatable indoor park, much faster than the previous two times, and made a loud roar. Han Li's face sank, and he was about to use the Thunder Sword again.