Return to the Ming Dynasty as a prince

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Yang Ling and Ma Ang are both young people, but one is gentle,

Yang Ling and Ma Ang are both young people, but one is gentle, handsome and delicate, the other is vigorous and burly, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, but they are also quite congenial, which is an anomaly. Ma Pian'er today is just a light makeup, beautiful makeup, a pair of charming face to Yang Ling when the expression can be reserved a lot. Yang Ling's appearance is extraordinary, the first time we met, Ma Pian'er had some love for him in her heart, but then she knew that he had married his wife, and for him, Ma Pian'er had been regarded as a benefactor and a friend of the opposite sex. The identity of the concubine is not a few points higher than the maidservant, don't say he is just a scholar, even if he is a provincial governor, although Ma Pian son is only the daughter of a low-level official family, also definitely not the possibility of a concubine, so the sentiment has been nipped in the bud. [db:wangzhi] Chapter 14 Debate on Chastity The novel t-xt heaven exchanged greetings, Ma Yicheng invited everyone to sit down, and the waiter brought up the dishes ordered one by one. Ma Yicheng said to Yang Ling again, "Yang Xiucai, I ask you to call me my good nephew. My son is rude and often makes trouble for me. This time he has caused a great disaster. If it hadn't been for the clever plan of my good nephew Yang and the mercy of Lord Min,ultrasonic dispersion machine, the son of a dog would have been killed.". "No, no," said Yang Ling hurriedly. "My little nephew could see clearly that Brother Ma had never laid a hand on that Boss Wang. It was really greedy and harmful. That Boss Wang was greedy for Miss Ma's pearls. Brother Ma grabbed him and argued with him. He was so angry that he held his breath and died. It was not Brother Ma's fault. Lord Ma must not be too harsh on Brother Ma.". Ma Ang immediately said, "Dad, I told my sister that you didn't believe me. You should believe Brother Yang, right?"? "I didn't hit that old man." Shut up! Little brute, you don't have to interrupt! Ma Yi-cheng scolded his son and shook his head at the county magistrate Min, Huang Hsien-cheng,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and Yang Ling, saying, "Look, look. This little animal is not good enough to do anything, but good enough to fail. How can he compare with nephew Yang? He is a few years younger than my son, but he is calm and sophisticated. He has already achieved fame before he is weak. Alas, Zhuo Jing died early. This son and daughter are so ignorant because they are not disciplined by others.". Min Xian Ling and Huang Xian Cheng and Yang Ling could not avoid explaining for Ma Ang again. While they were talking here, the waiter over there sent the banquet up like running water. After a while, there were more and more people in the theater yard, sitting around the elegant room were some merchants who walked past the post station, and in the distant and remote places were some postmen, chief husbands and errant officers who had nothing to do to kill time. The stage in front was brightly lit, and with the sound of gongs and drums, the actors invited by the theater began to sing on the stage. At that time, there was no Beijing opera, Yang Ling did not understand the opera, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and it was inconvenient to ask people about it. After listening to a few words, he really did not understand too much. In addition, the actors at that time were all men, and they wanted to see beautiful women. Yang Ling was very boring, but listening to Min County Magistrate and Ma Yicheng, Huang Xiancheng, they watched and talked about it before they understood a general idea. After listening to the story of the two people, Yang Ling only felt incredible. The play was about a woman who left home shortly after her husband was newly married. Several years later, her husband returned to his hometown. When he was about to get home, he met a very beautiful woman picking mulberry trees. Moved by the woman's beauty, he came forward to flirt with her. Unexpectedly, he was refuted by the woman. He felt bored and returned home dejectedly. Unexpectedly, when he came home, he saw that his wife was the woman he had just failed to molest. He felt very ashamed and admired her from the bottom of his heart. There is nothing wrong with the story at this point, but on the second day of the performance, the wife cried at home, wrote a suicide note, and hanged herself. In the letter, she said that she was not good enough to cultivate women's morality, so as to arouse men's evil thoughts and shame her chastity. Therefore, she could no longer live in the world, only to die to preserve her chastity. In the end, the performance caused a sensation in the village, and all parties wrote to the emperor. The emperor issued an imperial edict, and the chastity martyr was posthumously awarded the title of Lady Yipin. The emperor granted her a "chastity archway", which was extremely glorious. Her husband was grateful to his wife, and later married his wife. The couple went to the grave to worship together. This Hongyanlou is a combination of a theater and a restaurant, so the play is not so compact. After a break in the middle of the play, Min and Ma began to talk with relish. Huang Hsien-cheng took a sip of wine and interjected a few words from time to time. Although he did not speak much, after all, he was a scholar, but he could always say what the magistrate of Min County wanted to say but could not express. Yang Ling felt that the play was too unreal. The most outrageous thing he had ever heard was that a woman fell into the water one day and was saved by a passing man who saw her pulling her arm. When she returned home, she cut off her arm with a kitchen knife because she had been touched by a man who was not her husband. But if that is also a "loss of virginity", after all, is the loss of virginity, the woman in the play even the spirit of "loss of chastity" can not bear, it is not a loss of chastity, but she is beautiful, others look at the color heart, that man is not guilty, but the wife felt that women's virtue is not enough, it is simply unreasonable. Listening to Min County Magistrate and Ma Yicheng still full of praise, Yang Ling finally couldn't help saying: "Two adults, this play is too exaggerated, isn't it?"? When her husband saw a beautiful woman on the road, he flirted with her. He was scolded and left because of his bad conduct. In the end, his wife felt that she was unfaithful. This is simply unreasonable. How can there be such a thing in the world? Such a funny thing, such an exaggerated and untrue play, what is there to see? "Why," said Ma Yicheng in astonishment, "what nephew Yang has read is the book of sages and sages,ultrasonic handheld welder, but he doesn't know anything about the story in the Biography of Martyrs? What's not true about that? This woman is so chaste that she is really a model for women all over the world. How can there be anything funny? Lord Min also took a sip of wine with a smile and said with a smile, "Yang Xiucai must only read the books of sages and sages that can be used to gain fame. I don't know the story of the Biography of a Martyr.". You have a kind heart and a soft face. I also think it's a pity for this woman. If I were the county magistrate there, I would beat her husband forty times and punish him for not taking a concubine for life.