imac 21.5 review in 2022

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Searching for a VESA adapter bracket to mount your iMac computer to a arm or wall mount, but have not been able to find one, you are not alone. Thousands of iMac users with 17, 20, and now, the new 21.5 inch models are left to figure out how to attach their computers to VESA mounting systems. With these imac 21.5 review models, the stand is not removable. The iMac all-in-one computer was designed to be a portable system, much like a notebook computer allowing users to relocate in their home or office, or take it with them on their travels. The option for removing the stand (foot) and replacing it with a VESA bracket interface was not included with certain iMac models including: 2009 iMac 21.5 inch, Intel aluminum iMac 20 inch, Intel iMac 17 and 20 inch "white" models, iMac G5 w/iSight 17 and 20 inch, iMac G5 (2006 and later) 17 and 20 inch.

The ability to mount the iMac computer to a wall or any mounting system requires that the iMac have a VESA compliant interface to attach to the device. For the size and the weight of the iMac, it is suggested that this interface offer the 100 x 100mm hole pattern for attachment. Furthermore, to remain industry standard these holes should use 4mm screw fasteners.


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